February Pics in Review

These are pics that don't make it in as a blog post or on Instagram...
-This picture makes me laugh because his trike is literally rolling out from underneath of him, his mouth is open because he is yelling for me and I'm snapping a picture instead of helping him.  I did help him out so he didn't fall.
-Chaney's hair after sleeping on braids.  I did three french braid this time instead of 7 little braids.  Her hair is too thick so it didn't turn out well.  With the 7 little braids it turns out really curly.  
-These are Chaney's notes she has been writing to Tuck while he is at school.

Chaney taking selfies
He loves his sunglasses
Tucker taking selfies
Paislee trying on some new (hand-me-down) clothes from aunt Livvy
Jac sent a pic of Faye smiling
Chaney's note to her teacher
Rigley checking himself out
Chaney's newest bracelet 
Another finished book


Celebrating Birthdays

In the last month we have had several birthdays.  This time of year is hard to get together, especially with new babies and crazy weather.  Mom texted this week and said we should all meet at Jac's for dinner....so we did!  I left my kids at home because Tuesday & Wednesday nights are typically late nights because of basketball and Awanas.  I didn't want them out late again.

Sarah and Jac's kids were there and you could tell they were all happy to see each other.  I walked up to her front door and heard screaming.  It was so good to see Paul without a brace on and running and jumping everywhere.  

We ordered some pizza, laughed and enjoyed our few hours together.  

We did try to get a few pics together.  Here are a few of Olivia and I.  Ella was taking the pictures and they were a bit blurry.

Then, we got all the girls together.  What you don't see (or hear) are the little girls (Mo, JJ & Faye) yelling at us because they all wanted in the pic too.

...and this is what happens when you let teenagers have your phone...


Night Out

My day started out pretty crappy.  Today is Wednesday so it's our BSF day.  It was an early fellowship day which meant we would meet 15 minutes earlier.  I had the van warming up when I took the littles out to get in.  Normally I back in the drive way so I don't usually see the tires on the passenger side.  Last night when I pulled in after practice I didn't back in.  This was the first time that I looked at the tires.  My front passenger tire had a bulge in it.  (I was pretty sure I knew what from.  Last Friday, while the kids were at movie night I went to a friend's house for a little bit and while driving back I hit a huge pot hole.  Like I felt like I lost part of my van in that pothole.)  Anyway, I called Josh and asked him if he had seen it.  Then I called the tire shop in town.  In October we had visited them and purchased 4 brand new tires for the van.  I asked the guy if I could drive on it and he said as long as the rubber wasn't splitting I could.  So off to the tire shop I went with my two littles.  

I got that crazy look from everyone sitting there...you know, the look that says, "Oh, great, little kids in our waiting room."  I was thinking in my head, "You are lucky, this is only half my bunch."

We were in and out in about 45 minutes.  I'm thankful it was quick.  The gentleman who owns the place lives in the addition behind ours drives by our house all the time.  We constantly are waiving at him and his family.  (He also has four kids)  They are super nice people.  Anyway, he pulled the van up for us and opened the door trying to usher us out.  I told him that we hadn't paid and that I need to take care of my bill.  He told me not to worry about it.  SCORE!!!  A free tire and great service.  He was so nice.  He was also trying to persuade Paislee to stay and work with him for the day and that he would just swing her by after work.  She wasn't buying into that idea.  If it were Tucker, he would have been all over it.

After all of that I decided BSF was not in our plans for the day.  We went home.  Then I had a date with some of my friends.

Yep, we are those "moms" taking selfies in Target.  We're awesome!


Pink Eye Scare

It's never good when the school's phone number comes up on your caller ID.  Today I got a call.  "Mrs. Brown, this is the school nurse.  I have Tucker here and his eye is bothering him.  He complained of itching and it's really red.  I rinsed it out and sent him back to lunch but he's back in here complaining.  You may need to come get him."

And they always call on those days where you want to clean so you don't take a shower or do your hair.  Yes, they have perfect timing.  Anyway, I went to grab him.  His eye wasn't red or bloodshot.  I could tell by the way he was blinking that it was irritated or itched just a little.  

About a year ago we had a huge break out of pink eye.  Sarah's family had it, we had it, and Olivia had it.  We all went to the doctor and had three bottles of meds.  I still had some left so I started putting these in his eye.  After an hour he had no more itching and it wasn't red.

I understand the school not wanting him there if it were actually pink eye because it is so contagious. But they made him come home for nothing. It's so frustrating sometimes.  I'm guessing while he was doing a craft in his class something got in his eye and irritated it.


Mo Time

Today was our Monday with Mo.  She is finally over her cold and is acting more of her normal self.  She comes over here and really enjoys watching Paislee and Rigley play around.  She likes to squeal at them.  Rigley likes it when she is here because she is a stationary target and he can shoot her with his gun.  He thought it was hilarious.

The big kids got off the bus and she was still here so they were super excited.  Mo got up from her nap and was happy to see them.

Lunch time was interesting today.  Mo started blowing raspberries then Rigley did.  Needless to say, it got messy around here.  There were lots of giggles and laughs too so it was all worth it.

I think she loves her aunt Katie the best!


More Games

Today was another game day.  We were at the gym early to get warmed up.  Josh ended up staying home with the littles.  Rigley got up from his nap yesterday and was running a fever.  We think it's his molar coming in.  We got him down and checked his mouth and he has one half way in so we think that is what's causing the fever.

Today I tried to get a picture of Romie and Tuck.  Tuck could not be serious, in fact, he looks a little psychotic.  These two are so cute together.



Each school morning I usually wake the kids up at least an hour before they get on the bus.  For some people, an hour is a long time to get two little people ready.  I wake them up early for a few reasons:

1. My kids like to take their time getting ready.  They can take their time eating and dressing.
2.  We read books during breakfast time.
3. When they get done with everything we work on homework...Site words, memory verses, math problems, sentence reading, etc.  When our kids get home their little minds are toast.  If we can split homework time up then it works better for us.

This morning they had a few extra minutes so they decided to make up a new handshake.


Paul Update

Just received this pic from Jac.  One happy little dude.  His third x-ray was today and it looked well.  As the doctor says, it healed at an angle which means no contact sports for Paul.  I'm sure even if it healed the normal way he would still not be playing contact sports.  He was scared when hey started removing the brace.  Rick said it took them about 5 minutes to undo and he cried lots of tears.  I'm sure he associates the brace with his neck feeling better.  The brace probably was a protector for him. He doesn't have to wear a soft brace either.  SCORE!  First up for him is a shower and a haircut...

Thank you all so much for your prayers for their family.  We are all amazed at how God can heal and protect all at the same time.  


Proud of My Guy

This blog is mostly about our kids and what we do as a family with them.  Very rarely do we take time out to talk about the creators of this family.  Right now, I 'm going to take a moment and brag about my husband.  This guy works really hard.  Most mornings his alarm starts going off about 4:15 am and he is out of the house before our alarms even go off.  He works all day then comes home to help out with our routine...homework, memorizing verses, cooking dinner, running errands...whatever it is.  He never complains and is always willing to help.  He works hard to provide for us so I can stay at home and raise the kids.  

He also does the video editing at church.  Recently at church we have added a Saturday night service so his editing has picked up.  Also, he has been doing so much research so the church can move into a new direction as far as streaming and doing other things.  This guys is always busy.

About two and a half years ago, Josh moved from a craft position and moved into a management position.  This was the first time in 10 years that they promoted a "craft" person into a management position.  He has worked very hard to help motivate his team and to build relationships with him.  A few months ago he applied for a few other positions that opened up.  We are excited to see what this means for him and his career opportunities.  We know that God is in control and whatever door opens (or closes) we know that their is a reason and we will continue to follow Him.

Last week Josh came home and handed me this letter.  To you, this may not seem like much.  This letter is from the VP of Josh's department in AT & T.  He doesn't send many letters out.  Josh was recognized for his work in 2013.  AT & T is kind of a big company so it was a really big deal when this was delivered to him.

We are so proud of Josh and thankful for all he does for us and our family.  We love him bunches!


Game Day

With all the snow we got yesterday the kids were afraid that our games would be canceled.  That's kind of how this winter has gone.  We get snow,  we miss school.  This winter has not been kind to us at all.  But we had games and they were so super excited.

This is the kindergarten group.  While we waited for starting line-ups we had some fun playing around.  This week we were short one player and Gabe forgot his basketball shoes so we had to shuffle the lineup around quite a bit.

Chaney's team was a player short too so they all got a great work out by the end of the day.

Dad and Barbara were there and took most of these pics for me.

Our two teams today did not play well.  It's almost like we were not awake and ready to go.  Oh well. Hopefully next week will be better.  We do have a lot of fun though playing and seeing them all.


Valentine's Day Plans

The plan for Valentine's Day: Josh had the day off.  I would help at school parties.  We were forecasted to get a dusting of snow.  This was our night to hang out with they Nye family.  They were coming over this way and we were going to meet at Culver's then hang out at our place decorating cupcakes and playing cards.

Actual plans:  Josh had the day off.  I helped at Chaney's party.  We got about fives inches of snow starting at about noon virtually bringing all the roads to more of a nightmare.  We already have so much snow on the ground that it is hard to move more snow off the roads because there is no place for it to go.  Anyway...the Nye's stayed home, we stayed home.  We fixed dinner, decorated cupcakes and then had a Subway Surfer night.  This is one of the kids favorite games.  They play it on the iPad then with Apple TV we can display it on the big TV.  You can see each other play...or more fun, watch each other die.

Me and my munchkin.  He got up from his nap and wanted a heart sucker.

Josh and I fixed fajitas.  This time we put jalepenos juice in it to spice it up.  It was pretty yummy!

Rigley may have had more fun just eating....

Valentine's Day Party

This time it was my turn to help with Chaney's class party. I have helped with two of Tucker's.  This was Chaney's last party of the year so I wanted to be there.  Chaney and her friends are goofballs.  Her soccer buddy, Claire, and her basketball buddy, Tanessa, both sit by her.  These girlies have so much fun together.

They were all working on a craft then they were able to open all their Valentine's Day cards and candy.

Each day Chaney comes home telling me about this boy.  He makes her bracelets, writes her notes and loves to play with her.  He kinda likes her;-)  Today he asked me if he could get his picture taken with Chaney.  Once Chaney realized he wanted a pic she said, "Mom, really? This is the boy who likes me."  He jumped right in, as did she.  As you can tell from his hand gestures he was enjoying himself.