March Pic in Review

Mo came to visit one Saturday evening
Uncle Josh put Mo to sleep during church
Tucker's crown he got to wear at school
The Powerschool App reminds me of my son's birthday
Rigley & I trying on the hiking backpack
Pais wanted a turn too
The littles playing in the backpack
The girls teaching Mo about country music
Rigley is now a train lover

Chaney had another round of strep this month...are you kidding me??
The littles playing barefoot...in water
JoJo had a massive collision at school and got this beauty
Chaney is so bright she needed two sets of shades


Busy Weekend

First, let's start with Friday.  Josh was off work and it was the last day of spring break.  The kids have been asking to do more geo caches so Josh found some close to home so they went exploring.  They found four out of five so they were all pretty happy.  We are getting a cache ready to hide soon.

Tonight was our fun night with the Nye's so on our way over we dropped off Tucker at a birthday party for his buddy Jonah.

These boys are pretty goofy together.

Unfortunately, I did not get any pics of anyone at the Nye's.  
Sometimes it's nice to just sit and enjoy:-)

On Saturday after lunch, I took the three oldest up to Dad and Barbara's for a sleep over.  There church was having a bowling event after church Sunday so they invited the kids to come up and go with them.

They all had a great weekend and they were all super tired.  Back to reality tomorrow and school. 


Playing at Aunt Jac's

Since we are on spring break I called Jaclyn a few weeks ago to see if she would take a break from her maternity leave and let us come up to visit, bring lunch and get all of our hair cut.  The girls' hair was so thick and needed to be trimmed and thinned out.  Rigley was turing into goldie locks and Tuck wants his hair to grow out so I can't do much about that.  

The kids were excited for many reasons.  They are always excited to play with their cousins, but today was the first time Tuck could play with Paul since his brace came off and this was everybody's first time (except Chaney) to meet Faye.  Pais was super excited to hold her.  Faye was so good and didn't make a peep all day.  As Jaclyn says, "Finally, I get a laid back child."

We got there about 10 and stayed until 3:30.  The kids played hard and had such a good time.  I wish we lived closer.

Rigley got his hair cut too but I was holding him so no picture.  I finally got my hair highlighted and got rid of the gray.  Three months is a long time to let this hair go;-)


Mondays With Mo

The kids have been asking to do there Perler Beads craft.  I knew this craft would require lots of assistance from me so I wanted to wait until we had lots of time to do it.  After the kids got up this morning we started.

First, we worked on separating the colors.

Then, each one got to pick what design they wanted to do.

Here is the finished product.  This craft was fun but it was hard to keep their fingers/hands from hitting the pegboards.  I think each one had to start over a few times.  But they liked it!

About 10:30 Sarah dropped off MoMo and JoJo.  We knew Mo was coming but JoJo was a surprise.  Sarah had just brought Mo from a well baby check so she got three shots and was tested for Sickle Cell.  (This was supposed to be done at 3 months but...that's a whole other story.) Anyway, she was a little grouchy but not too bad.  The kids have fun with her and she was having fun with them.

They had an intense game of basketball going on (on our 6 ft Fisher Price goal;-))  JoJo had to change into shorts and take his shirt off he was so hot.  I did make them stop for a picture.

Sarah came and got her kids and took my two oldest to play for a while.  Silas called Sarah while she was working and he found out JoJo was with us, needless to say, he was devastated.  He wanted to play with his cousins too.  It's nice they are all on break the same week and can hang out.


Day at the Museum

The weather this week for our spring break is not going to be very warm at all until the end of the week.  Since we went to church last night we decided to get up and head to the museum today to burn off some more energy.   We had a great time.  Things started to get a little crazy about 1:30 so we took off.

Today while we were there they had a lady in from the DNR.  She brought in two animals they have rescued and told a little bit about them.  She first brought out a Barred Owl then a Red Tailed Hawk.  The kids were super excited because we see a hawk like this fly around our house all the time.  In fact, he likes to come sit on our swing set sometimes.  Josh kept Rigley out and I took the oldest three in.  They sat quietly and asked great questions too.  Both of these birds have been injured and can not go back out in the wild so they live at the DNR office.  The hawk has a wing span of 5 ft.  We didn't get to see her spread her sings all the way out. Bummer!


State Park

Today is the first day of spring break.  We checked out the forecast and today's weather was close to perfect so we decided to ditch our other plans and head to a state park and walk trails.  Today's park was Mounds State Park.  We took our time getting ready and waited for the weather to warm up then headed out.

This was right before we left...

We got to the park about 10:45 and took off.  The sky was so blue and it was perfect weather for t-shirts and pants and trails.

The kids had fun checking out this handmade canoe from the indians.

Chaney led on the trails most of the day.  All of the trails were completely covered with leaves.  Down by the river you could tell where it had flooded.  

Tucker was pretending to lift this tree that had fallen.  He thought he was pretty strong.

More canoe pics...

When we go on trails we take our backpack.  (This is a trail backpack so lots of padding and very comfortable.  I found it on Craigslist last year, it was a steal.)  This way if Rigley gets tired he can ride and when he wants to walk he can.  Yesterday he did about half and half.  The backpack also has a small backpack on it so we can take drinks, diapers and all the necessities.

We walked by the river and Tuck loved it.  I think he secretly wanted to jump in.

After a picnic lunch and playground time we did one more trail.  This time we wanted to try and and find a geocache.  Josh got into this before we had kids but then we had kids and didn't do it.  His brother Jake and his family have gotten into it so we thought we may start it up again.  This day and age there is an app for that.  We did try to find one but we think the flood may have taken it out.  The kids think it's fun because its a "secret treasure."  Anyway, this summer our plan is to visit more state parks and walk more trails.  We will work on our geocaching.  Until then we will find local ones around here.

After our last trail we stopped by the visitor center where they had snakes, fish and turtles.

They also has old Indian artifacts.  Old spear heads and arrow heads, Tuck liked this.

And on the way home this little dude was out.  In fact, he wasn't the only one.  We had to pull over and switch drivers so I could drive.  Josh was up late the night before and he was falling asleep too.

It was a great day.  We came home and played some more outside.  Tomorrow the weather turns cold and a chance for snow again next week.  This weather is testing our patience for one another.


Twin Day

This week was supposed to be our first week of spring break.  But, with all the fun winter weather we had we get to spend four of our spring break days in school.  It's really ok though.  We don't have any spring break plans and with them making up time now we don't have to go into June.  

The school is having spirit week and today was twin day.  Tuck's friends decided on doing a tie-dye shirt and jeans. When Chaney found out what they were doing then she asked her friend, Claire, to do the same exact thing.  Chaney and Tucker looked like twins this morning.  Tucker was having some fun modeling again.  He is really getting into these poses.

I went over for lunch with both of the kids and was able to snap some pics of them and their "twins."  In Tuck's case it was the Three Amigos...or maybe more appropriate would be the "Three Stooges."  They are all pretty cute together.

Here is Chaney and Claire.  Yes, our kids are the tallest in their classes.  They both seem to tower over everyone.  


Tucker's Birthday

Today we started out the birthday day in typical Brown fashion.  At this house the birthday girl/boy gets to have whatever they want for breakfast.  Today Tucker chose Red Velvet cake with cream cheese icing.  Since we have been going to church on Saturday nights, we are able to spend out Sundays at home relaxing.  This morning we were all home and able to celebrate Tuck.  He was pretty excited about his birthday, his smile might tell the story.

We all sang to him then he was able to blow out the candles.

After lunch mamaw, Doug and Olivia came over and gave Tucker his present that he asked for about two months ago.  Somehow he got turned out to a DS.  (For us old folks, it's the updated version of the Nintendo Gameboy.)  Sarah has one that her kids don't play with anymore so the plan was for mom to buy that then give it to him.  Well,  she went and bought a brand new one.  Then an XL, no less.  What am I going to do with her.  He was so excited (and so was his daddy)!

Our plan was to do our normal date with the birthday kids so mamaw and papaw Brown came over to watch everyone else and we took him out.  He gets to choose what he wants and what to eat for dinner.  Tucker got some other birthday money so he wanted to buy himself the TMNT game and we bought his MarioKart.

Then we went to McAlister's to eat.  This was my view for most of the dinner...

Yep, my boys and their toys.

We did warn him that having a device at a restaurant never happens and that today was an exception. He will not be bringing that DS anywhere.

After some dinner, we let him play the games in the car while we picked up his cupcakes from a friend.  I baked them this morning then had my friend, Anna, put the icing and cake toppers (Rings) on for the kids tomorrow at school.

We had a great night spending time and celebrating Tucker!  It's really nice to spend some one-on-one time with him.