April Pics in Review

These are pics taken from or on our devices that don't always make it to the blog or Instagram.  If you are IG you can find me at @brownie_bunch or you can hit the camera button on the top of our blog and you can see what I post.  Josh locks his account down so you can't see anything.

My hillbilly "Super Hero"
Paislee's letter she made at BSF a few weeks ago
Rigley watching it rain
Rigley found Tuck's BB gun (don't freak it was unloaded)

He loves to pretend he is a dog and likes to stick out his tongue
Met a new friend at BSF but we already kinda knew each other through IG
My baby & me
Tuck's class let off butterflies last week and one of them came back to him (his teacher sent me this pic)
The littles playing together
All the kids watching the lightning one morning before school
Brothers fighting
Tree climbing
Rainbow after a storm

Playing with daddy
Tuck reading to his brother
He likes to put his glasses on his head
Jelly toast snack outside
She always says she isn't tired...then falls asleep in 5 minutes
Tuck is stuck in a bucket
This is how he lays (sometimes) to watch cartoons
Do I have icing on my face?
The littles brushing their teeth

One Friday night after Chaney's soccer game the kids were playing in the field.  The sun was setting and I wanted to try something.  This is what I got.  These were taken on my iPhone, nothing fancy but I love their little silhouettes.  These are some of my favorite pics of them.


Kindergarten Field Trip

Today was field trip day for Tucker.  He was super excited when he got up this morning.  I was allowed to come along as a chaperone.  We had a great day.  Tuck was super good and had fun with all of his friends.

Group shot

The three amigos...Romie, Gabe & Tucker

You have to get a picture taken with Peyton

This pic was supposed to be Tuck and I then Gabe literally jumped on my lap and wanted in.  Sometimes I feel like Gabe is also one of my kids:-)


Planting Our Seeds

After our snacks and homework we worked on planting our seeds.  This year the kids wanted to do tomatoes, black-eyed susans and strawberries.  We are starting them inside this year then will take them out and plant after Mother's Day.  Our strawberries will need to be planted outside, we just haven't done it yet.

Our little greenhouse...

Chaney & Tuck took turns labeling each row

Unwrapping and getting water on the dirt so that it will "grow"

We planted all but three rows.  72 plants are really a bit much for around here.  I'm sure we'll be handing out starter plants.

They love doing this each year.


Easter Celebration Take 2

Today we gathered with the Blackford side for our Easter Celebration.  The weather was perfect for the kids to be outside.  They (the kids) love having events at Pam & Nick's because they play on both the school buses.  They love it.  We hardly saw our kids today...except when it was time to eat and hunt for eggs.

Audra still hasn't popped yet.  She has about one more week until her official due date.  I'm guessing she goes late...at least that seems to be the trend with all of us.


Fun Weekend

For some reason I find myself not taking pictures as much.  I'm not sure if that is because I'm trying to enjoy the moment more or I'm so busy I just don't have any time to do it.  This weekend was one of those weekends.  

We spent Friday night at the soccer fields where Chaney won her first game of the season.  She didn't have any goals but her defense was so good.  She is really starting to get the hang of the game and her competitiveness is really starting to show.  It makes this (once competitive) mom very proud.  Mamaw and Papaw took all the kids to spend the night with them.  This is the first time Rigley has spent the night some place else.  The kids did their easter egg hunt with them and got to stay up late and eat candy.  They were in heaven.

Saturday the kids came home and played with their friends.  We (I) started getting texts from their friends wanting to play with the kids.  Tuck went to Gabe's and Claire came here.  They all had fun.  On our way home from church, well, actually on our way to drop Claire off the kids were all singing the "Frozen" songs.  Actually, it was more like screaming.  They did this for about 20 minutes.  Josh and I just laughed at their goofiness.   They had no idea that all this screaming was wearing them out....but we did;-)


Awanas Award Night

Tonight was award night for Awanas.  The kids have done so well memorizing their verses and books of the Bible.  It helps to have a program like this that offers some incentive and is fun.  If we tried to memorize this many at home they would never be able to do it.  

This is the entire group of Sparks.

Cubbies is the pre-school program that Tucker went through last year.  Paislee will do that in the fall. Sparks is the next group and it starts with kindergarteners.  They have three books to get through while in Sparks.

Chaney's group

Tucker got an award for finishing his first book and an attendance award. 

Chaney got her award then sat down so I never got her picture.  She received an award for finishing her second book and an attendance award also.

After Sparks they move into another group called T & T.  In this group they have four books to finish.  These kids are going to have their work cut out for them.

The directors, leaders and volunteers do a fabulous job and put so much into it.  It's awesome that they give willingly to this program. I know our kids have been blessed because of it.


Mo Monday

Today we had this sweet little lady.  Last week Sarah went to court and she is now has full custody over Mo.  Mo doesn't realize it yet, but this is the best thing that has ever happened in her short little life.

Since the weather was nice we played outside for a little while.  Mo wants to stand all the time so we got the picnic table out so she can stand against it.  She is moving around so much...almost crawling but not quite.

She has also started waving.  She likes to practice.

Rigley wanted a picture of his hand too...

She had just got done eating a pb & j.  She was pretty happy with herself.

The big kids were happy to see her when they got home.  


Easter Fun

Easter Sunday was a little different for us this year.  I think this is the first time that both Josh and I have not been to church on Easter Sunday.  Since we've been going on Saturday evening we decided to keep that our tradition over Easter.  We both know that soooo many people only visit churches on Sunday morning so we left our seats open for new people to come.  We were able to spend a relaxing morning at home.

After nap/rest time we went over to mom and Doug's.  Olivia made this so that we can be reminded of what Easter is all about.

The kids had fun playing in all the drainage tile and I found my oldest son standing on top of Doug's semi.  Goodness!  There is never a dull moment and never a shortage of things to play or climb on.

Mom had fun holding her newest grand babies.

Doug got mom a golf cart to ride around on this summer so she doesn't have to walk as much.  We got there a little early and had some fun on it.  All of the kids took turns driving it.  The two bigs think they are ready to drive a car...yeah right!

Paul had fun making his littlest sister laugh.

After dinner we all took advantage of the beautiful weather and sat outside and talked.


Spring Soccer Game #2

Tonight was a perfect night for a soccer game.  The weather was so nice.   The team that we played tonight was really good.  It's a shame we played them this early in the season.  Chaney's team needs a few more games and practices under there belt.  She has a few rookies on her team that aren't catching on quite yet.

Tonight Chaney played against Addie and Romie's team.  Chaney and Addie are quite the competitors.  They both are one of the strongest players on their team.   Addie is #4 and Romie was #6.  Romie is Tuck's buddy from kindergarten and Upward.

Chaney's team played well for the first 3 quarters.  Through three the score was 1-1.  In the last quarter they gave up three goals.  I think all the girls were tired and couldn't keep up.  We ended up losing 4-1.

Tonight after the game, apparently Chaney wasn't tired at all.  We got home and all the kids wanted to play outside.  They all rode their bikes and took walks up and down the sidewalks.  We went into the cornfield and I was playing around with them and decided to take some of these pics...

I have a bunch of these but I'll only post this one.  I love their little silohouetts against the setting sun.