May Pics in Review

Pirate Rigley
It was a busy day and both littles passed out
Saw this on the back of a car in town
Chaney being goofy with underwear on her head
Rigley wasn't feeling well and literally passed out at my feet
Playing in the bus at Shoe Carnival
Rigley and myself
The littles and me
Rigley showing off his Spiderman undies

Rigley is out
Tuck and Rigely playing in the pool while we were trying to drain it
Pais is out for the count during "rest time"
Rigley had a melt down at lunch time
The littles are loving the daily bike rides
A good night for a fire and hot dogs and s'mores over the fire

Mom's Retirement Party

For the last six weeks we have been planning a party for mom.  Tonight all the planning paid off.  Since the party was at her house we knew there were some details that we couldn't keep from her.  She knew something was going on.  Once people started arriving she was very surprised by the amount of people that came out to wish her well.  I think we probably had close to 200 people.  The last people left about 9 pm.  It was a long day but mom was so happy so that is all that matters.

A huge shout out to my aunts who helped with side dishes and helped with serving food.  They helped out so much.


Awards Day 2014

This morning was awards day at school.  We had gotten an email about a week ago saying that Tucker was getting an award.  The teachers were supposed (SUPPOSED) to notify the parents if your child was getting an award.  Well, we heard nothing from Chaney's teacher so we weren't sure if she was getting one or not.

We arrived to the school to find a line of parents waiting like it was Black Friday or something.  These parents are crazy!  We got in line and waited for about 10 minutes until they opened the doors. It actually worked out well for us because we had to sit in the chairs on the side of the gym.  We had a good look at Chaney and Tucker.

Chaney and Claire spotted us and waved.

Today Chaney got a few awards.  She received Super Academic Honors, Music Award and Art Award.

Tucker got an Academic Honors award and he was really excited about it, can you tell?  That smile didn't leave his face the entire time.

I think Chaney was over that little girl looking at her, ha!

The secretary does an awesome job of getting all the kids pics on their academic awards.  It really makes it nice to look back on and see their school pic on it.

We are so proud of our kids.  They work so hard.  We also appreciate their teachers and all of their hard work.  We really loved Tuck's teacher this year.  Maybe our next two will get her as well.

Last Day of School

Today is the last day of kindergarten for Tucker and first grade for Chaney.  They are ready for the summer to be here...as are we.  This morning Josh had the morning off so he took them out to breakfast before school.  He said that they ate so much food, ha!

Trying to get them to pose for pictures in the morning is next to impossible. Last night Chaney had requested that I wake her up early and curl her hair and paint her toenails and fingernails.  My sporty girl has a girlie girl side to her;-) 

Tucker did not want his picture taken, can you tell?

And trying to get them together....and pinching each other, again!

Finally a few good pics...

They have awards today so we will see if they get anything.  I know Tucker is getting something.  I haven't heard from Chaney's teacher so I'm not sure if she is getting anything.


Kindergarten Graduation

This afternoon Josh and I were both able to attend Tucker's kindergarten graduation.  He was so excited to sing his song for us and to have us at the school.

(FYI-these pics are totally out of order. I will say something about each pic so you know what is going on.)

This is Tuck giving bunny ears to his buddy Romie.

Tucker with his drawing of himself after graduation.

After graduation Tucker got a picture with his teacher.  This is Mrs. Linder trying to get him to make a funny face.  He wasn't having it.

Here is the real picture.  We loved Mrs. Linder as did Tucker.  He thrived under her instruction.  She is awesome.  She did tell us that she and Miss McCormick (Chaney's k-garten teacher) are going to fight for the next two Brown kids. That's always so nice to hear from teachers.  

Tucker and his buddy Gabe.

As they walked in Tucker spotted us, can you tell?

Tucker standing with his class.

As he went to get his diploma, he wanted to grab it and leave.  He didn't want to shake Mr. Burt's hand.  This is Mr.Burt's last year.  He is retiring.  He is a great principal and we are so sad to see him go.

Here is Tucker listening to the other classes being announced.

The video below is the whole kindergarten class singing their song.


Memorial Day at the Lake

Well....Dad and Barbara bought a lake house.  And today we got to see it and hang out all day....on the lake.  At first I don't think the kids knew what to expect.  After being there about 10 minutes they were ready to swim.  We made them wait until after lunch then we let them go.

Chaney loved fishing.  In fact, I think she would have been content fishing all day and not swimming at all.  She did catch one fish and was super excited.  The water was cool.  Josh stayed in most of the day because Pais and Rigley wanted him to hold them.  

The dock is a double decker.  We can sun bathe on top but it also has a small gate where we can jump off.  Today, I was the first adult to jump.  Chaney jumped only once.  I think it may have freaked her out.  Tucker jumped three times but it took him a while to get brave enough to do it.  Josh jumped also.

Rigley was so good today...and no nap.  I kind of dreaded today because I knew he would be playing hard and wouldn't get a nap.  He ate a huge lunch (which always helps) then played and swam all afternoon.  He was so happy and so good.  We left about 5 from the lake and he was out in about two seconds in the car.

Here is the family.  We have grown by a few since last year.

I got to hold this little dude for a while today.  I had some fun taking pics of him.  He is super sweet.  His mamma is healing....slowly.

Pretty sure this place will be our new family hang out this summer.  Dad bought a boat and it should be there in about a week.  It is getting serviced right now.  It's a speed boat, not a pontoon so the kids will have a ton of fun on it.