June Pics in Review

Kids are teaching Beckett to play soccer
Josh taking a nap after staying up tip 3 am to work on VBS stuff
This is Rigley's favorite place to hide
A sweet note from Chaney to Tucker

My boys pretending to sleep
My dear sweet friend, Emily, with her newest baby Oliver
Pais loving on Beckett
One Saturday night Tucker got to help daddy mix at church
Pais is growing mustache
My "super" Paislee


1 vs 6

Josh has been at the church working crazy hours because of the upcoming musical performance.  Thursday and Friday he literally went from work to the church and was there until 10 pm.  Basically, I've been pulling single parent duties.  Anyway, I told him on Saturday that I was going to pack the kids up and head down to the lake and take Sarah's boys so we could all play.  He had some At & T work to catch up on so that way we would be gone all day and he could catch up then head to the church again.

The plan: We would wake up and leave about 9 and get Sarah's boys and head down to the lake and play all day with the cousins.

Reality:  Tucker woke up with hives at 3:30 am.  This really is nothing new, he did this in the winter.  We gave him a dose of Benedryl then stuck him in the shower because cold water is a natural agent to calm itching.  Benedryl worked for about 45 minutes then they flared again.  So at 5:30 am he got another dose and another shower.  At this time I had to go back to bed because I was getting up at 7 to drive down.  Josh took over and watched him.  Tucker never fell back asleep and at 7:30 the hives started again.  At this point we called the pharmacist because we were not sure how many more dosed of Benedryl he could take.  The pharmacist said basically the Benedryl was not working so we needed to see a doctor.  Tuck was bummed because I felt like taking him to the lake was too risky.  His hives were out of control and down there we have NO cell service so if the hives started to effect his breathing we had no options.  

So...around 9 am Josh took him to the walk-in clinic at our doctor's office and we took off to the lake.  We stopped and picked up Sarah's three kids and headed down.  On our way Josh called to say the doctor gave Tuck a prescription of Prednisone to settle him down.  I think it's time for an allergy test for him.

We got down to the lake and had some rain but it cleared off and we had a great day.  The kids were all so good.  Jac and her family were there all weekend for a getaway.  Her kids are getting so brave in the water.

My littles...

Chaney loves to fish...

You need a little pool at the lake...

And we celebrated Chaney's birthday...

All the kids were so good.  We had a great day!  We missed having Tucker and Josh with us though.

Tucker finally was able to fall asleep and rest for a while.  Since Josh had to be at the church early Tucker got to hang out with mamaw and papaw for the rest of the afternoon.  


Rick's Concert

Thursdays are normally our day to hang out during the day with all the family.  Today we changed things up a bit since Rick was performing.  He is part of a band now called "My Yellow Rickshaw."  I have no idea what the name means.  Rick plays guitar and sings backup and loves this group of guys. Tonight was a great night to sit out and listen.

Here is the stage, Rick is to the left in a grey t-shirt.

Josh was at the church working so I took the kids and headed up North.  (Rigley had just got done eating an Oreo, notice the brown teeth?)

The kids went off and played.  I love these pics of them all playing.  Sarah's boys were still playing baseball tonight so they didn't make the concert.

Chaney was even able to get some one-on-one time with Charlie...notice his smile?

Then he decided to stick his tongue out at her.

Faye was bored so she fell asleep listening to her dad sing, ha!


Wednesday Dinner

Tonight was our turn to host the family dinner.  We set up the pools, slide and the tent so we could all sit under it.  The kids had so much fun running back and forth and climbing and swimming.  I love watching them all have so much fun together.  Sarah's boys had baseball so their family was not there.

Pais and JJ were talking to Charlie...

Ella and Faye stole my phone to take some selfies....I love finding these little treasures.


Working Hard

This summer Chaney is able to go to Kid's Camp at our church.  She is super excited about it.  I asked her if she would be willing to help to raise money to go.  Since it's the summer she has plenty of time to call her grandparents and go work for them to raise money.  (My sister, Sarah, did this with Ella a few years ago and I thought it was a great idea.)  This way Chaney can get an idea of what it is like to work hard for money.

She went and worked for Josh's parents in May and got about half her camp money.  Today Chaney and Tucker went and worked for mom and Doug and earned more money.  Tucker was just working for money.  Of course, Mamaw spoils them with slushies before they work.  They helped move sticks so mom could mow into some woods.  Since mom is retired she literally mows half the country side over by her house.

She came home and was so excited that SHE earned all her money.  She worked so hard and am so proud of her.  She had no problem using her money for her camp.


Basketball Camp

This week Tucker had basketball camp each morning for an hour.  They worked mostly in stations working on fundamentals.  The little guys got to hang out with the big high school kids and they thought that was really cool.  Each day we took Tuck and his buddy Gabe and then Gabe's mom brought them home.

Each morning when we walked in these two little guys went to the goal with the most high school boys.  They were not intimidated at all by the big kids.

They had a lot of fun.  Basketball camp + VBS = loooonnng week and a tired boy


VBS Week #2

Tonight was our final night of VBS.  This year Tucker was able to bring his friend, Romie.

Here is a group shot before the festivities began tonight.

Romie and Tucker

Playing the iPad before it starts... they do this well;-)

Here is Chaney standing next to her buddy Audrey.

Look at Pais.  Pure joy.  She was so excited to get up on stage and sing.  So excited, in fact, that she talked the ENTIRE way to church...non-stop!

This picture makes me laugh because her buddy, Parker, and her kept chit chatting.  Then they realized Parker's mom was off the stage and to the left so they began stepping down and waving too her.  It was cute.  These two were good pals this week.

You can see Tuck and Romie at the very end of the stage.  It was hard to see them but we could see them jumping around.

The kids had contest this week.  It was the boys vs the girls.  Tonight the losers got smashed with eggs.  We had three guy pastors involved, one lady pastor and one assistant.  You can see their reaction when they were told what was happening.  It was great!

VBS is a family affair around here. Both Josh and I volunteer and the three big kids go to class. We were all there this week every night, except Rigley.  He was able to spend one-on-one times with his mamaws and papaws.  These weeks are also very long.  All of the kids had so much fun.  It was so cool to see over 300 kids experience Jesus in different ways.  Hopefully,  some seeds were planted in these little lives.  We can not say thank you enough to all the volunteers and everyone involved to help make this week possible.

Chaney is 8

              Happy 8th Birthday Chaney!!

Dear Chaney,

How in the world is it possible that you are 8 years old?  Each day I look at you and I ask for time to slow down.  It seems like yesterday we were trying to figure out this whole parenting thing with you. You were our first guinea pig, ha, sounds kinda funny doesn't it?

Somedays I look at you and watch you and think you are a little me.  The things you do, the way you act remind me so much of myself.  Not only is it your mannerisms but in the way you joke around.  It's kinda crazy and scary at the same time ;-)

You continue to love your crafts and doing artwork.  Now it seems you are on a writing kick.  You love to write stories, poems, plays, etc.  Your little imagination just is going about 100 mph.  You also love to do this stuff while you sit and listen to music.  I think my love of country music is starting to rub off on you.  You love listening to Taylor Swift.  You blare her cd and just sing and sing.

Soccer is still your sport of choice.  You enjoy playing basketball to but you seem to have a passion for soccer.  It's joy to watch you play and see your determination.  Each season you learn more and more and continue to impress us.

You are our question queen!  That maybe a nice way of saying you are nosy.  You ask a million questions.  Some we know the answers to and most we do not.  I love that you are inquisitive and want to know things.  I hope that you will always question things and make good decisions.

At 8 years old you are one tall little lady.  You are literally head and shoulders taller than everyone your age.  I'm not sure if you will continue to be this tall or if you are hitting your growth spurts early.  I guess we'll see.  It's so funny to see you with your friends at school because you are so tall.

Chaney, we love being your parents.  We are so proud of the little lady you are becoming.  You are a great example for your younger siblings.  You have such a heart for others.  I hope that as you grow older that you will continue to be compassionate toward others.  You make us proud Chaney Marie!  We love you bunches!