July Pics in Review

A selfie with all 6 of us
New toy for the lake
Tucker looking at all the kids camp pics
1st day of school pic with mom and dad
Double Rainbow

Lunch outside
Beckett sleeping with his tongue out
Charlie is ready for church
Buddies...Hudson and Pais
Little man in Spiderman undies
Beckett meets Zeus out the van window
Looking at the creek
Rigley in goggles
Tucker's Sunday school "service coupon." He was going to pray for his buddy Romie that she wasn't nervous on the first day of school.

Play time at the park
Chaney's "service project." She is going to help her friend Claire clean her room.

First Day of School

Today Chaney starts 2nd grade and Tucker starts 1st.

Chaney looks so old in these pics.  She wanted me to use the flat iron this morning.  Little girl likes her hair done....on special occasions only.

Tucker was so excited this morning.  He was talking so loud and so giggly.  Then we had goofy pics.  I wouldn't expect anything less from this kid.

...and now they are off the bus for the day.  They said their favorite part of the day was realizing that their bus driver had retired and they got a new driver and that she was "super nice."  Oh, the little things...


Meet the Teacher Night

 The last two mornings I have made the two big kids wake up at 7 am to get back in the school routine.  On a normal school day they get up between 6 -6:15ish.  Each morning we try to do some homework and work on our verses for Awanas.  

The kids woke up especially excited today because they get to meet their teachers tonight.  Chaney doesn't know of anyone in her class yet.

Tucker is reunited with his two partners in crime and can not be any more excited about it.  Gabe, Romie and Tucker....the three Amigos ride again.

This year's meet the teacher night was crazy.  Maybe it's because we have two kids in school or maybe because it's a new principal or maybe because the teachers make you fill out so much paperwork that you want to pull your hair out.  Geez!  Combine all that with kids who just want ice cream.  Needless to say it was a bit ridiculous.  I can't wait until next year when we have three in the same school.

Tuck's teacher wanted to get a family shot...well, this is what her first picture turned out as.  Thank goodness she is a teacher and not a photographer;-)  We have heard all kinds of great things about Mrs. G and are excited to have Tuck in her class this year.

This is the real shot.  I thought it turned out well.  (This pic was printed out so we had to scan it in.)  A picture is a success when everyone is looking and smiling at the camera.

Chaney has Mrs. D and come to find out she grew up around our stomping' grounds.  It's a small little world. 

(Disclaimer: Teacher's names won't be disclosed on the blog due to crazy people.)


Tommy is 40

This week is our last week of family dinners.  Our kids start school later this week and Sarah's start next week.  Since today was T's birthday we all gathered at their house and surprised them with food, fun and family when they arrived home.  Jaclyn made most of the food, Audra showed up to clean up and mom and I watched the kids.  Tommy was surprised and happy we were there.

Charlie likes it when mamaw holds him.  He is still so little but he is doing lots and lots of smiling these days.


Mo Time

Today Sarah met us after church and gave us Mo.  Sarah and Tommy are headed out of town for the night.  Tomorrow is T's 40th birthday so they are sneaking some time away at the lake house.  Sarah's big three kids are with mom and Liv and we got Mo.

I think Rigley really liked having someone smaller than him at the house.  He sat down and played with her and maybe "picked" on her. 

The kids love having her here.  She may get spoiled with all kinds of attention while she is here.

During nap time we saw Pais laying on the floor with Beckett.  I guess he wanted to use her as a pillow.


Lady A Concert

Tonight I met up with some girlies and we went to the Lady Antebellum concert.  We ate some dinner in the parking lot then went in and did lots of people watching.  We had pavilion seats but sat in the lawn for a little while.  When Lady A was getting ready to come out we went to our seats.  Anna and Cindy stayed in the lawn so Jill went with us into the pavilion.

I love Nicole's face in this picture.

Jill and Patrick showed up later so we got some pics with them.

This pic is Lady A with Joe Nichols and Billy Currington.

Here is Lady A

It was a great concert, however, we felt like it was really short.  I'm not sure if that is because they had two opening acts or what.  I love them!


Since the spring Chaney and Tucker have been wanting to have a snake.  Josh is deathly afraid of snakes so he immediately said no.  Knowing how quick snakes are I told them that if they find one and can catch it then they can keep it.

Well....today it happened.   The oldest two went to play at Romie & Addison's house.  While they were playing their dogs started going crazy.  Come to find out the dogs had spotted the snake and started messing with it.  Once the kids were able to hold it the snake was about dead (whew!)  Chaney put it on a spade and tossed it into the woods.  Tucker was the only brave one to pick it up.  I'm sure it had something to do with all the girls that were around.  He had to be tough for them;-) (or at least one little girl in particular;-))


Wet Wednesdays

Boy...we know how to pick them.  This is the second year in a row that we have went to Wet Wednesdays and the weather has been about 70*.  We scheduled this date at the beginning of the summer thinking late July would be a good time.  Holy Cow!!!  The water was warmer than the air.  Add in the wind and it was down right cold.  

We all still got in the water and had fun...for a bit.  

We all got out for Dip 'n' Dots and no one got back in.  Usually we try to get our monies worth and stay most of the night.  However, in March, I went out there and got passes (they were running a special for their 10th anniversary) for 4 of us for 10 visits...anytime.  We can use the indoor/outdoor pool, classes or anything.  I think I know what we are going to do on fall and Christmas break.  Woohooo!

At this water park you have to use their life jackets.  Rigley normally uses a puddle jumper and it keeps him vertical in the water when he gets over his head.  This life jacket made him lay on his back when he got above his head.  At first it took a little bit to get used to it.  Once he finally knew what was happening he kept doing it on purpose.