August Pics in Review

Rigley likes to jump from the side of the couch
Rigley can barely keep his eyes open
Two of my favorite things right now
Littles playing
Mom's shirt for the ALS walk
First fruits of the garden
This is how she watches her device

Sleepy time
Ice bucket challenge...on a 68* day
Bandana fun
Beckett is her baby
Food delivery
Umbrella fun
swimsuit twins
feeding the goats

Labor Day Weekend - Part 2

Sunday evening we headed over to aunt Pat's to enjoy some family time.  The kids had fun playing and riding in the back of the truck.  

We took everybody back over to Josh's parents church because they had rented a water slide for the church picnic.  We took advantage of it.  The kids had fun playing on it.


Labor Day Weekend - Part 1

We had some things that we needed to get done around the house so Josh took a few days off.  On Friday we cleaned out the garage and took a bunch of stuff to the dump.  On Saturday, we finished out Rigley's bed.  As we did with all the kids, we had his mattress on the floor for a few months just to get used to sleeping on a bed.  If he fell off it wasn't going to be that big of a deal.  Today we finished it out. 

Tucker helped Josh measure and cut.

Rigley is enjoying his "new" bed.


Fantasy Football Draft

This evening was our annual Fantasy Football Draft.  We have been doing this for about 8-9 years now.  This year was a little crazy for us.  Josh worked at the church all morning.  We went to watch Tuck's friend, Gabe, get baptized so we were at another church all morning.  Then, I took the kids to swim at Sarah's while Josh came home to work on AT & T work.  Then, we had two viewings at a local funeral home so Josh went and attempted one.

Then, he had to leave early because he had to meet me to get the kids so I could go draft our football teams.  He was going to attempt the other viewing but didn't.

Here is our crew.  We also have a couple in Florida that we Skype in to draft with us.  Then to make matters worse, I was getting ready to leave and my battery was dead.  Like totally dead...no lights, no dings, no nothing.  So, after about 30 minutes we finally got it going.  Thank goodness for a few guys who were still left there to help me out.  There is never a dull moment with or around us.  I'm ok with dull moments...I'd like a few;-)

Swimming at Sarah's

We were supposed to go to the lake yesterday but no one else was going to be there so the kids opted out and we decided to be lazy at home.  Then, today, we invited ourselves over to Sarah's.  Her pool is finally back open.  Jaclyn and Audra had the same idea we did so we all got to hang out and swim. Mom was going to come but found herself at the CVS minute clinic and three prescriptions later she was at home resting.

The weather was warm and the pool was cold...a little too chilly for me.  I sat at the stairs and kept my feet in.  

Paislee and Rigley were really brave and swam by themselves most of the time.


Mom is a Celebrity

Tuesday was mom's 3 month appointment up at the ALS clinic.  She goes up to have testing done to see if the disease is moving up into her body.  On Tuesday the head ALS doctor/researcher was challenged to do the ice bucket challenge.  While he did it they let some of the patients go down and do it too.  While mom was there a few local stations did interviews with her.


Channel 8

13 WTHR Indianapolis

Quick Visit

Today was going to be a lazy day around here.  We were in the middle of lunch when I got a text from mom saying channel 8 had just called saying they were coming for an interview.  Then, five minutes later Doug called and said come our and bring the grandkids so they can see mom with them.

Well, we shoved our food in and went to mom's.  When we got there mom was in the middle of an interview so we went out to see the goats and then took a few golf cart trips.

It was cool to see all the hoopla surrounding mom but it has worn her out.  She is currently battling a horrible cold.


Save the Date

 Come join us for the ALS walk in Indy.  Join mom's team here.

We are working on getting t-shirts made so that we can use this as a fundraiser for the team.  Stay tuned...more details coming later.


Happy 3rd Henry!

Today we went over to help celebrate Henry's 3rd birthday.  The big kids were at school so it was just the littles and me.  Rigley had fun playing with boys his age.  Coop and Henry were his buddies for the afternoon.

We had lunch and dessert.

Then it was present time...

and picture time for these girlies..

Here is some of the crew...


Chaney's Day Out

Chaney was invited over to her friend Tanessa's house.  They went roller skating.  This was Chaney's very first time and she really enjoyed it.  She came home and was pretty sore from falling but enjoyed it anyway.


ALS Challenges



  It's overwhelming the response on Facebook and other social media the response to this challenge.  So many have done this in honor on mom and it means so much to her.  Please note that the ALSA.org has earned more funds in the last few months then in the whole year combined.  Thank you to all who have donated.  

Please join us on Saturday, September 27 for the ALS walk in Indy.  It does not cost to sign up.  Come hang with us for the afternoon.  For the family out of state, we do know that Julia and Mary are coming in (up or over) to walk with us.


Friday Fun Night

 Tonight we were able to spend some time with the Nye's.  Jason recently had knee surgery so he doesn't go very far or walk at all for that matter.  Josh went and got him from work and we enjoyed some pizza and fun with one of our favorite family's.  The kids had fun playing outside.

These two little ladies could be sisters.  These are the only pics that I got the entire night.

I guess when we get together we are talking and laughing too much to get any pics taken.


Friend Time

Today Tucker got to have his friend Gabe over.  He was super excited.  We picked up Gabe then swung by our house to get Chaney and our bikes and we were off on a bike ride.  I went with the kids on a ride to the trail here in town.  The weather was nice and cool and was a great day for a ride.

Here they are taking a water break, and deep conversations.

Once we got home the boys wanted to fish a little bit.  They had fun.  Right now our pond is filled more with moss than anything else.  We do a lot of cleaning off the hooks and line.

These two have so much fun together.  I'm so glad they are such good friends.