September Pics in Review

Most of the pics from our devices made it to a blog posts so we don't have many here.

Here is Pais being Pais...

Here are my littles being goofy while we are delivering shirts
Anna & myself at church
Beckett was tired during one of our walks.  He literally just sat down and made me stop
And Pais again


Monday with Amore

Today we had a visitor that we haven't had in a while.  Amore was with us.  (Sarah is trying to get away from Mo and go with her real name Amore.)  My kids will forever be stuck saying MoMo.  Just like Josiah will forever be JoJo.

Anyway, we had to take a trip road trip to mom's and she had fun watching the other kids.

She is walking everywhere now.  Here is her shadow...look at her big hair. 

We even packed everybody up (including Beckett) and went for a wagon ride.


ALS Walk

Today was the Indy ALS walk.  We were up and dressed and out of the house by 9:15 to get downtown.

We were all dressed alike and got some pics taken...

We arrived right in time to help mom and Olivia to the park.  The kids posed and got a pic taken.

We are so thankful to all that came out and walked with us.  Here are all the Browns...

Mo and Chaney

Mom and her sisters that walked and her cousin Debbie

Mom and her niece, Julia.

Our team raised over $3300 and our goal was $2500.  Thank you to all who donated.  We appreciate your willingness to help.  Hopefully we can do this each year. 

Here is a group picture.  At this point we were missing 15-20 people.  At the end of the day we had between 70-80 people there.  It was so cool!


Friday Night Soccer

Tonight we were once again at our usual Friday night spot....at the soccer fields.  Don't get me wrong, I love watching Chaney play.  Tonight the alligator-turtles (the girls named their own team) fell a little short and lost 2-1.  Another mom took these pics and passed them on to us.  I love getting pics like this.


Shirt Sorting

The last few weeks we have been taking orders for shirts for the ALS walk on September 27.  Today all 148 shirts came in so we had some sorting and delivering to do.  Mom had Charlie Joe today so they came to help out.  Charlie laid on the floor and my two littles kept him entertained.  He was so good.  He just rolled back and forth and talked to everyone.

He looks a little startled in this picture...

I did get him to smile with me for a picture.  He is such a little man.


Twin Night

Tonight was twin night at Awanas.  Claire and Chaney had matching shirts and hair.  They looked pretty similar except the six inch height difference between them, ha!

Tucker and Gabe were twins and then Gabe's big brother Sam decided to join in on the action too.


A First...For Us

With four kids it's not very often that something occurs that is new for us.  Well, today we had a first. Right now Rigley is obsessed with small balls.  Like bb sized balls.  We have some airsoft bullets that  are extremely small that he carries around...and then Beckett finds them and eats them.  He actually has a drawer where he puts all his balls of many sizes.  

Today he came up to me and said, "Look mommy," while pointing to his nose.  I looked inside and found a grey, shiny ball up his nostril.  He had pushed it so far back that I could not reach for it.  So I immediately  put my mouth over his mouth and blew.  Nothing.  My mind started racing...do I call the ER or call my doctor.  I thought what about one more blow.  So I did and nothing.  I grabbed the tweezers and laid him on the floor and tried to see if I could grab it.  No luck.  He got up and I decided to do one more blow.  I could here his lungs fill up with air on this blow.  After I was done, there was a little grey ball hanging out of his nose.  Yep, it may sound gross but we didn't have to rush to the ER or pay someone else to get it out.  The things you do when you become a parent...

PS-I heard this technique on the Bob & Tom show about nine years ago.  This is the only advice I have ever taken from them.

Here is the ball.  It is from a bracelet that the kids have taken apart.


Out on the Town

Our  birthday is tomorrow but we celebrated tonight.  Josh's parents came over to watch the kids and we went down to the outlet malls for some shopping then went and had some wings.  We don't get much time together so we made the most of it and went for a lengthy car ride.  Nothing says conversation like a car ride, right?  Ha!

Here we are taking a few selfies...

Here are two of my favorite pics of the night...Josh was kind of full of himself...

He wouldn't let me post these on Instagram so they made the blog cut.


Friday Games

This fall you can find us every Friday night at the soccer fields.  Chaney is still enjoying her soccer and is really enjoying this season because she gets to play goalie.  While she is playing you can normally find the other three and a handful of other kids behind us playing.  

Tonight we had Gabe with us.  He came over a little early to play with Tucker and to hang out with us at the fields.  Here are the three amigos and Paislee eating and drinking a quick snack before they play some more.

PS- Chaney lost her game tonight 1-0.


Beth Moore Conference

Friday evening Mom and I drove up to Fort Wayne to meet our friends there.  We were all in town for the Beth Moore Conference.

Here we are waiting at the hotel for the others...

Usually her conferences are Friday evening and Saturday morning.  However, this conference was her simulcast so it was all day Saturday.  We had some breaks throughout the day so it was continuous.  Her is a few of us...

Here are a few more from the conference...