October Pics in Review

These pics are from us trying to waste time.  Rigley was sitting on the toilet and I was bored but had to sit by him.  So, we took pics....lots of pics.

Beckett enjoy sunshine
My new favorite t-shirt
Paislee with her hat
Mo...She had just poured powder down her mouth. It was bad!
Rigley at the doctor
Charlie sporting his new hat
Tucker at b-ball practice
Pais and Tuck with their praying mantis that they found
Pais cashed out

Mom's team hit their goal
Pais & Rigley singing at their favorite pole or "mic"
Taking a walk and they all needed a rest
Pais holding the praying mantis

Halloween Night

We knew the weather for Halloween was going to be rough but we weren't sure just how bad.  Tentatively, we had plans to meet at our house and go trick or treating around our neighborhood.  However, when we saw the temps and snow and wind we decided otherwise.  Our church always does a fun Hoedown.  We went a little early and took advantage of the inflatable fun before it actually started.  My friend, Jill, and her kids met us and we had some fun. 

Pais loves the slide

Gabe and Tucker taking it easy.  Tucker ripped off half of his nail so that kind of ruined his evening.  It hurt to pull himself up on the ropes.

Claire and Chaney dressed up as Thing 1 and Thing 2

Jill and I even had fun competing on the obstacle course....not once but twice.  And I have some major floors burns on my elbows to prove the fun.  OUCH!

After the snow started falling we decided to bail on the trick or treating thing and just stayed at Jill's and ate pizza and played games.  I'm pretty sure we made the right choice.  They did dress up and went to one house to trick or treat.  Not too much candy for anyone this year.  

Family Pics

Mom came over to watch the kids for a bit while I ran to Tabitha's to get our family pics.  She had Charlie so he got to hang with the big kids for a little bit.  They keep him so entertained.  Paislee got a hold of the iPad and decided to snap some pics of Charlie and mammaw.

Here is the link to check them out


Parent Teacher Conferences

Tonight we were able to meet with both of the kids' teachers.   Both of the kids got great reports.  The teachers seem to enjoy our kids.  Each one is doing above grade level work.  And each teacher says that both of the kids listen well and follow directions....I'm not sure they have our kids:-)


Pumpkin Painting

We didn't make it to the pumpkin patch this season.  BUT, we did get some cheap pumpkins at Aldi's and painted them today.  After church we spent some time outside since it was beautiful and painted (or carved) our pumpkins.

Rigley loved painting his pumpkin...and legs.  He also loved mixing all the colors together.  Pais was so mad at him.

Paislee got some green paint above her eye. Only Pais could do this.

Tucker only wanted to carve because he wanted to use a knife.  Yes, he is 6 and thinks he is 16.  Anything for a knife or pocket knife.  Ugh!

Here is the front of the pumpkins.  (L-R)
Rigley, Paislee, Tucker, Chaney, Katie & Josh

And the back (L-R) Josh, Katie, Chaney, Tucker, Paislee & Rigley


Charlie Pics

This afternoon we met Audra at mom's to get some pics of Charlie.  (These are pics from my phone.  I haven't edited anything yet.)

Charlie was much more interested in eating and choking on the leaves.  He really didn't want a whole to do with me or the camera.  We did get some great pics though, we just had to work extra hard for them.


Last Soccer Game

Tonight was the last soccer game of the season.  Since their team lost the game last night they were playing for 3rd/4th place tonight.  They lost tonight.  The girls have had such an up and down season.  They play really well then they play really bad.  This team is pretty young so I'm guessing this may have something to do with it.  Two of the girls are rookies.  Four of the girls are playing in a brand new league where we use goalies and play 7 v 7.

Here is Chaney going after a ball

Chaney getting her medal from her coach


Team with coaches

The coach did something new this year and asked all the players to vote for a MVP.  This was Chaney being awarded the "season ball" for the MVP.  She was really shocked as were we.  She did not score one goal this year but played consistently on defense and at goalie.  She loves playing goalie.  This maybe a position that suites her well since she is so tall.

Chaney and Addie

It was a great season.  She learned a lot this season.


Soccer Tournament

Tonight was the start of the soccer tournament.  It was a chilly night.  Josh and Tucker started basketball tonight so they were at practice.  Everyone else was with  me at the fields.  As you can see they were really enjoying the game...

Tonight's game was a little rough.  Chaney played goalie the first half and did extremely well.  She had some really nice stops and let only one goal through.  The second half was a different story.  We switched goalies and then the rest of the team decided to take it easy.  We went from a 1-0 half score to a 4-0 score at the end of the game.  It was brutal.  Tomorrow night they will play for a 3rd/4th place position.


Friday Night Fun

Before tonight's soccer game the kids found a praying mantis.  They made a home for it, found food and played with the crazy thing.  They were having fun with it.

We got back into the soccer thing tonight after two weeks off.  Tonight Chaney got to play under the lights which is always fun.

Here is Romie and Paislee having fun with the angry bird hats...

Here are some birds...Tucker and Romie having fun.

It was a chilly night.  They wind was a bit strong but it didn't bother the kids as much as the adults.  Chaney's team ended up winning 1-0.  Next week is tournament time.


Olivia had a field trip for school and she wanted someone to go with her.  Obviously, mom couldn't go so mom and I switched places for the day.  I went with Olivia to the museum and mom stayed with my kids.  Since my kids are on break she had all four of them.

It was fun to hang out with Liv in her environment.  With the age difference I don't get to do much with her and I just one-on-one.  

We had a great time and I am thankful that I got to go.  And thankful that mom could watch my kiddos.


More Pics

Tonight I had another fun evening taking pictures of this family.  I met Jill (and Claire) about a year ago when Chaney started playing soccer.  She and I started running during practices then formed a great friendship.  She and I are a lot alike.  It's been a blessing to get to know her and her family.

She asked if I could come out and get some pics of her family.  We got together and this is just a sample of what we got....

This is Drew and he has lots of personality.

I think they turned out pretty well.