Halloween Night

We knew the weather for Halloween was going to be rough but we weren't sure just how bad.  Tentatively, we had plans to meet at our house and go trick or treating around our neighborhood.  However, when we saw the temps and snow and wind we decided otherwise.  Our church always does a fun Hoedown.  We went a little early and took advantage of the inflatable fun before it actually started.  My friend, Jill, and her kids met us and we had some fun. 

Pais loves the slide

Gabe and Tucker taking it easy.  Tucker ripped off half of his nail so that kind of ruined his evening.  It hurt to pull himself up on the ropes.

Claire and Chaney dressed up as Thing 1 and Thing 2

Jill and I even had fun competing on the obstacle course....not once but twice.  And I have some major floors burns on my elbows to prove the fun.  OUCH!

After the snow started falling we decided to bail on the trick or treating thing and just stayed at Jill's and ate pizza and played games.  I'm pretty sure we made the right choice.  They did dress up and went to one house to trick or treat.  Not too much candy for anyone this year.  

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