November Pics in Review

My sharp dressed nephew on "nerd day"
the littles watching people work
Rigley is 3
Littles are sleeping
I fell asleep then my husband took a picture of me
My littlest and me
Littles sleeping again
Our favorite ice cream
Getting Christmas cards ready to send out

Getting the tree ready
My newest order of oils
Beckett had surgery so he was puny for a few days
We did this cleanse
Had a cake pop night with Jill and this was the carnage
Chaney selfie
A boy and his dog
Charlie loving on Chaney
Found this book in the library written by my uncle
(not really, they have the same name)

I love cheap gas
Holidays = lots of scotches
Chaney face after she attempted a cartwheel.  (Good thing cheerleading is not in her future)
Tucker finishing the nativity set


Friend Night

After taking a year off we resumed our "friend night."  Between the three of us we are up to 11 kids.  Yowza!
 We had such a great time laughing and catching up.

We intended on getting a kid picture with everyone but it didn't happen.  Here are some of the younger ones.

We (or most of us) had a blast playing this game.  This game made us laugh so hard.

I'm so thankful for these friends.  We have been friends for a long time and am grateful that we continue to make it a priority to get together...when the Broncos are not playing in the super bowl:-)


Blackford Thanksgiving

Sometimes when you get everyone together this is your only chance to get updated pics for the family calendar.  Then you turn your gathering into a makeshift photo session.  This 'may' have happened today.

We were missing quite a few people but managed to get some good pics.

Josh left early so he could go hunt.  Chaney & Tucker left with aunt Sarah and her family.  The littles and I stayed and played Uno.  

After a few hours we left to go get the bug kids.  The littles kind of wore themselves out...

While they slept, I took the long way around the countryside while sipping on a white hot chocolate from McDonald's.  I maybe addicted to those.


Tinsley Thanksgiving

The Tinsley's finally got back together for Thanksgiving tonight.  It was a smaller crowd but we made it happen.  It's been a few years since we have all been together.  

Here is Hank and Faye

Charlie and his favorite aunt

Rigley photobombed us

The kids had fun playing

We are planning to get the Tinsley side back together for Christmas too.

Hunting Buddies

Josh had most of the Thanksgiving week off.  The kids have been asking him to go hunting so he decided to get his licenses and take the kids out.  Tuesday after the parties Chaney got to go.  They went and sat up in the tree stand at Grandpa Short's house.

On Wednesday, before the Tinsley gathering, Josh went out with Tucker and Olivia at mom's house.  Olivia has wanted to go all season.  Each time they didn't see anything but the kids loved going.


Thanksgiving Day Parties

Josh had the day off so I was able to go help at the school with parties.  The day started about 8:30 with Tucker's "Friendship Feast."  Each class makes something to bring to the feast.  They sit at the tables with different students from each class and spend time together.  They even sang a few different songs.  They all did very good and were very cute.

I asked Tuck & buddy Gabe to smile and this is what I got.

Then I asked Gabe to smile...

Me and Tucker

Then I got to go home for a bit then was back at the school about 12:30 to help with Chaney's class.  They did a celebration in the room.  We played games and had lots of food.  So much food that the parents ended up taking items home.

It was a good day spent with my babes.  I'm thankful that Josh takes time off so that I can go to school to spend time with my big kids too.


More Basketball Games

Today we had more games then we had the Bennett Family Thanksgiving.  Our life has been pretty busy lately and I find myself not taking as many pictures as I normally do.  This last week Josh or I were gone every evening.  As the kids get older I find that our time fills up quickly.

Tucker's team had two games today.  Unfortunately, they lost both games but Tucker played really well.  He was rebounding well, guarding his man and even made quite a few shots.

I'm doing my best to stay up with the blog but I find myself updating weeks at a time instead of days. I will try to be more intentional about this.  I really do want to keep this as a keep sake for the kids.


Tired Boy

The last few weeks I have been helping Sarah clean some houses nearby.  When I work then mom watches the kids.  Today mom had to pull double duty and watch my kids and Jac's kids.  She grabbed mine about 9 then went to Jac's to watch hers.  

After I was done cleaning I came home to this sleeping boy in the back of mom's truck.  I picked him up, brought him in and laid him back down.  He slept here with his coat on for a few hours.  Mamaw must have worn him out.


Basketball Games

Another Saturday = more basketball games  

I really do enjoy watching my kids play sports.  At this age they are so young and innocent so it's fun to watch them interact and just play for fun.  Tucker enjoys playing basketball and is improving with each game.  I'm sure it surprises you when I say he is one of the tallest on his team.  He plays in the 1st/2nd grade division and he is taller than most everybody.  He uses his height to his advantage and blocks a lot of shots.

Here is Gabe and Tuck between games.  There team is not real good this year.  They have won one, tied one and lost the rest.  At least they have fun playing.



One little boy finally got a big haircut.  He's had lots of haircuts.  But this one was a doozy.  Since the winter was coming I decided to cut his hair.  With his long hair the winter dry air would cause his hair to be stick straight and a static mess.  I was cutting Tucker's hair so I decided to put this little guy in the hot seat.  He wasn't really excited about it.  With all his other cuts we have use the scissors but tonight was the clippers.  He looks so different.

Here is our mini Tucker.