December Pics in Review

These are pics off of our devices that don't usually make a blog post.  Sometimes you will see them on IG.

Tuck with his new straw
A new toothless grin
Chaney's Star Wars Legos
Littles watching the iPad
More Star Wars Legos
Rigley falling asleep while playing Legos.  He wasn't tired (that's what he told us).
Christmas themed pretzels that the kids love.

Rick being Rick and being photobombed by aunt Pam
Rigley was trying to spy on me
My  littlest guy is addicted to games on the devices now
Selfie by Pais on the new mini
My shadow.  Most days I can't do anything without him right by me.
This is what you get when your niece steals your phone.
Catching a nap on top of mom
Like father like son, or like son like father
He was supposed to be resting but wanted to take pics

New Year's Eve

Normally we don't do much on New Year's Eve.  My friend Jenn has a party every year that she invites us too but we don't go.  Actually, each year we are normally all asleep before the ball even drops.  

This year we decided to go to someplace and actually get out.  The little two went to hang out and spend the night with mamaw and papaw.  The bigs went with us.  We had lots of fun hanging out and playing games...and more games.  And laughing.  We also had fun watching the kids (and adults) dance.  There was a photo booth that we could get  pics taken.  It was a lot of fun.

We got home and went to bed about 1:45.  That is the latest we've been out in a long time.


Time with Friends

Today was the day that Chaney finally got to test her skills at ice skating.  Her friend Tanessa invited her to go along.  Chaney was so excited to try it out.  She fell a few times and earned a few blisters on her toes.  Other than that she was able to control herself pretty well.

When they got back they ate some dinner then they did some crazy things to their hair to make curls.

While she was gone we invited Gabe to come over but he had company so they invited Tucker over.  Here is the crew as they were waiting on dinner.

So thankful that friends send me pics of my kids so I can keep my blog up to date.


Blackford Christmas

Normally we do the Blackford thing before Christmas...but this year was different.  When we get together after Christmas we usually get a few more in attendance.  My grandparents have 6 kids and this year we actually got 4 of them in for Christmas.  Here are some pics from tonight...

Josh got a new hat.  Now he really thinks he is Clark Griswald.

Each year we do the white elephant gift.  This crazy hat keeps finding its way around the family.  Last year my grandma got it.  This year my dad got it.

Here is a big family picture.

My aunt/uncle Paula and Robin live in Ohio.  Two of their three kids live there too so we don't get to see them much.  Tonight they were all in.  I made them all stick around for a picture.  (This is what happens when you are in charge of the family calendars;-))

In July my grandparents will be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary.  They are taking the entire family down to Holiday World for an entire weekend.  Everybody will be there.  We should have lots of great pictures from that.

Tinsley Christmas

Today we haveCh two family events.  The Tinsley's were meeting at noon.  We were missing quite a few people due to illness and others were still out of state.  

My cousin, Chris (in the white sweater) deploys in January to Afghanistan so it was nice that we all got to see him.

This is my aunt Anita's entire family.

Aunt Linda is missing two kids from this pic...

Aunt Cheryl is missing two kids from this pic...

Of course, we are missing quite a few people too...

This is my grandma and Doug's mom.  Judy, Doug's mom, was my first grade teacher.

Out of 21 grandkids we only have two boys.  Today they were both here.  Unfortunately, we were missing 10 other grandkids.

It was fun to see them all.  We normally see each other once a year.  Our family is just getting too big to organize everyone coming in at the same time.


Brown Christmas

Today we went over to Josh's parents house for Christmas.  Jake and Melinda come up for Christmas every other year and this is the year they are here.  The kids were so excited to see their cousins.

Check out that hole in his mouth.

The kids were in charge of the Christmas story this year.  They decided to do a play for us.  Chaney was Mary and Tucker was Joseph.  The little girls were the animals.  Rigley was a stagehand.

The kids got new rings that sparkled but they decided to put them in their nose instead...it was mamaw's idea.  She maybe setting them up for a nose ring one day;-)

The weather even cooperated and we were able to get our for a walk.  Hard to believe the temp is 48* in late December.  The little two (Addie and Rigley) found seats on their daddy's shoulders.

After the walk we came back in for dessert and games.  We decided to get the family together for a pic....since we are not together much.

(All pics were taken my Melinda)


Christmas at Mom's

Tonight we celebrated Christmas with mom and Doug.  We had a huge taco bar for dinner.

Tonight these goofballs sat across from me and played with their raspberries before they ate them.

The kids were so excited to be together again.  They all play so well together.

Here are all the grandkids.  Faye did not want her picture taken.  (Amore was with her real mom today so she missed our Christmas.)

Sisters and mom pic....Now we try to take as many pics as we can all together.  These are memories we want to remember.  Holidays are about spending time together as a family.

In this pic Olivia was trying to impersonate a lady that she knows.  It was really pretty funny.

We had a great time.  And as usual mom bought way too much.

Christmas Morning

We had a great morning opening up gifts.  Rigley woke up this morning at 6:10 having to go to the bathroom.  He went back to sleep but, unfortunately, Josh and I did not.  The kids and I ran to Starbucks last night for Christmas morning so we went and ahead and enjoyed our chai's with each other.

Chaney woke up about 8.  Tucker about 8:20.  Paislee about 8:30.  Rigley woke up about 8:45.  After getting everyone awake and moving we sat down to read the Bible about Jesus' birth.  Christmas morning is all about Jesus first.  First we read the story from the Bible then we sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus.

After that it's the youngest to the oldest opening gifts.  The kids get stockings then three gifts each.

They had a great morning.

We were able to stay home all day until 4 then we headed over to moms.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!!!

(I took a pic of our Christmas cards instead of scanning them in. That may have not been my best idea.)



Chaney received a movie gift card for her birthday in June.  It got pushed aside and we found it about a month ago.  We had planned to see Dolphin Tale 2 in the theater but that didn't happen.  Today, yes Christmas Eve, we finally had a free day.  She wanted to take Claire so we picked up Claire and went to see Annie.

These two have no personality....at all.

The movie was very cute.  It definitely is the "updated" version on Annie.  The movie still had the same songs (and some new ones) but with a more hip-hop beat to them.

After the movie we had to scurry home quick.  Josh had to be at the church at 2 for both of the Christmas Eve services.  We stayed home and rested.  The kids have been battling colds.  Tuck was sick Monday night.  One puke session and he was fine.  No one else got it.  Not sure if it was something he ate or what.  This isn't the first time he has done this.