Chaney received a movie gift card for her birthday in June.  It got pushed aside and we found it about a month ago.  We had planned to see Dolphin Tale 2 in the theater but that didn't happen.  Today, yes Christmas Eve, we finally had a free day.  She wanted to take Claire so we picked up Claire and went to see Annie.

These two have no personality....at all.

The movie was very cute.  It definitely is the "updated" version on Annie.  The movie still had the same songs (and some new ones) but with a more hip-hop beat to them.

After the movie we had to scurry home quick.  Josh had to be at the church at 2 for both of the Christmas Eve services.  We stayed home and rested.  The kids have been battling colds.  Tuck was sick Monday night.  One puke session and he was fine.  No one else got it.  Not sure if it was something he ate or what.  This isn't the first time he has done this.

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