Christmas Morning

We had a great morning opening up gifts.  Rigley woke up this morning at 6:10 having to go to the bathroom.  He went back to sleep but, unfortunately, Josh and I did not.  The kids and I ran to Starbucks last night for Christmas morning so we went and ahead and enjoyed our chai's with each other.

Chaney woke up about 8.  Tucker about 8:20.  Paislee about 8:30.  Rigley woke up about 8:45.  After getting everyone awake and moving we sat down to read the Bible about Jesus' birth.  Christmas morning is all about Jesus first.  First we read the story from the Bible then we sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus.

After that it's the youngest to the oldest opening gifts.  The kids get stockings then three gifts each.

They had a great morning.

We were able to stay home all day until 4 then we headed over to moms.

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Emily said...

I'm pretty sure we have identical Christmas morning traditions. :) Merry Christmas!!!