Thanksgiving Day Parties

Josh had the day off so I was able to go help at the school with parties.  The day started about 8:30 with Tucker's "Friendship Feast."  Each class makes something to bring to the feast.  They sit at the tables with different students from each class and spend time together.  They even sang a few different songs.  They all did very good and were very cute.

I asked Tuck & buddy Gabe to smile and this is what I got.

Then I asked Gabe to smile...

Me and Tucker

Then I got to go home for a bit then was back at the school about 12:30 to help with Chaney's class.  They did a celebration in the room.  We played games and had lots of food.  So much food that the parents ended up taking items home.

It was a good day spent with my babes.  I'm thankful that Josh takes time off so that I can go to school to spend time with my big kids too.

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