Upward Games #3

Another game day.  Tucker played really well this week.  His team has practice on Monday evenings but he also goes to a "fundamental" practice on Thursday nights.  Thursday nights are going in depth on certain skills then applying it in a scrimmage game.

Watching Tucker play Upward you can tell he is getting it.  Certain skills that other kids have no idea about Tucker gets.

Liz found this pic on Romie's iPad so she shared it with us.  For some reason Tucker can not take a normal picture.


Upward Games #2

Another Saturday = more basketball games.

Today I only got pics of Tucker.  He is head and shoulders taller than most in this league...and he's only in first grade.  (Shocking, right?!?!)  He tamed himself down a little more this week.  I think it had to do with who is teammates were this week.  His rotation this week was all girls.  All girls who are not real confident in their skills.  Tuck was aware of this and passed easier and was not near as wreckless.

Chaney played well too.  I think she was 2 for 73 on her shots today.  A little exaggeration but seriously she shot a lot and missed a lot.  It's all ok.  Really, next year will benefit her more with a taller goal.  She does a great job rebounding and passing.

I love watching my kids play sports!


Pink Out Game

For the last seven years Triton has done a pink out game to honor all the breast cancer survivors around this area.  Each year it gets bigger and bigger with each survivor added to the list.  Jennifer, my friend from high school, her mom was diagnosed about 19 years ago and comes to this event every year.  This year Jenn asked me to go with her.

It was good to go back and see so many people that I recognized from when I played.  So many graduates come back to see this event.

Tonight Jennifer and I caught up with Amber.  It has probably been about 10 years since I have seen her.  She is holding her second child.

Anne Marie Tiernon came out to help with the event.  She did mom's interview in the fall.  She is a sweet lady.

Chaney went with me to the game.  She enjoyed a night out with me and watching the game.

Raw Week

Josh and I are doing a Clean Eating Challenge.  Clean eating is eating food that comes from the earth or has a mother.  Eating foods that are additive and preservative free.  The meat that we eat is to be antibiotic free, grass fed, all natural, etc.  This week is raw week and is all fruits/veggies/nuts/seeds.  Only 30% of our fruit could be steamed.  It was tricky but we could do smoothies too that helped.  Fruits and veggies every day meant lots of trips to the store.  It was good for our bodies but I'm glad it is done.  Here are some pics of our foods.

The kids loved helping arrange or sometimes re-arrange our foods.

Grandpa Tinsley

Today we lost my grandpa Tinsley.  This is the first grandparent that I have lost.  Grandpa's health had been declining in the last few weeks and his body was starting to fail.  All of the girls and grandma were able to be with him when he passed.  

My mom's side of the family is pretty large.  While we were not as close to him as we are the Blackford side, he was still my grandpa.  

A few memories of him:
-always outside working hard on his strawberry plants, corn, tomato plants, on his RV or mowing
-Taking pictures all the time
-singing...he sang in a quartet for years
-always telling jokes
-always listening to preachers preaching on the radio
-always kissing grandma for C-mas pictures
-faithful servant of Christ
-his love for Jesus

This was grandma and grandpa the Christmas of 2008

This was grandpa at my uncle Marvin's funeral in 2005.

Grandpa passed away on the same date as Isaac did (3 years ago).  Almost down to the exact hour.  Very strange!


Upward Game #1

This week was our first Upwards games.  This year I am coaching Chaney while Tucker is on a different team.  It's hard for me to get pictures of her playing since I am coaching.  Today we were twins in our Spyder jackets.  She wanted to get a pic so we did.

Chaney had a great game.  She picked right up from where she left off last year.  Our goal is about 7 ft.  Chaney's shots today proved she needs a taller goal.  A lot of her shots hit off the top of the backboard...it was too funny.

I did not get pics of Tuck's game but was able to watch.  This past year Tuck has played Little Cougars and is now in a developmental league where they work on fundamentals...and it's all boys.  His Upward team is coed.  He is so aggressive, in a good way.  He hustles after the ball and rebounds.  He played very well.  He was the only kid to get called for a foul...and he had four of them.  It was so funny!  From a coaches stand point you want an aggressive kid.  Aggressiveness is something that you can not teach.  I don't ever want to take that away from him or ask him to not be aggressive.


Verse #2

"You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below."
~Exodus 20:4 NIV


Tuck's Team Pics

Tonight was picture for Upward.  Tuck is on a different team than Chaney so I could watch them get their pics taken.  I was walking laps around the church and obviously missed Tuck's individual pic.  I caught the tale end right as he had passed the ball back to the photographer.

Each year we do a real pic then a "fun" pic.  His team decided to do super heroes.  Here they are...Tucker is right beside Ironman.

Chaney had her crazy pics the next day but I'm her coach so I couldn't take pics.  



...he lost his tooth.  Tucker has had a tooth that has been loose and bleeding for a few weeks now.  He has been trying to wiggle it to get it to come out but so far nothing.  He finally asked his dad to help.  (Secretly, I think Josh really enjoys pulling teeth.)  He got a kleenex and pulled and out it came.

This is the first tooth that Tucker has actually worked on and got out at home.  Last summer he had two pulled by the dentist...I don't really count those.  His mouth is so small that his teeth are literally  all smashed in.  Chaney's mouth was like this and it finally grew.  Hoping that Tucker's does the same thing.


Cousin Fun

Over Christmas break Silas and Tucker wanted to spend some time together but we couldn't make it work with their schedule and our schedule.

This week Sarah asked if Silas could stay with us because she was going to be at volleyball tournaments and knew that Silas would not want to be there.  We said sure.  He was with us last night at the church and all (most) of the kids played Kinnect all day.  They took turns dancing, boxing, playing soccer, etc.  Then finally they sat down to watch a movie then were back playing Kinnect.  This thing is wonderful to have in the winter.  They can all get some exercise...and make memories.

It was nice having him here.  He and Tuck are 120% boys and have a blast together.


Fun Fridays

The last week has been tough.  The weather has been terribly cold.  The kids were delayed two days and missed one day of school.  We've had a couple days of wind chills in the -25 to -35....not fun!

Tonight was our scheduled night with the Nye's.  I think all the kids (and parents) had a little bit of cabin fever so we decided to move our plans to the church.  It was just us.  The kids could run...come and get bites of pizza...and run some more.  

You know it's a successful night when all the kids leave with rosy red cheeks.  SUCCESS!!

Here is the only pic I took the entire evening.  These two cuties are apparently looking at someone or something other than me.


It is Time

Most of you know that Chaney had another round of strep in December.  After that round I called her ENT doctor to be see Chaney.  Today was the appointment day.  She was a bit apprehensive.  I told her we were going to talk to the dr about getting her tonsils out.  She thought we would see him and he would take them out the same day.  She was pretty relieved when she figured out we had to make an appointment to do it.

Dr. Meyers is such a great, easy going guy.  He always walks in and starts joking with Chaney and talking to her.  He took one look at her tonsils and said, "Those things look gnarly."  After that comment I knew he wanted to take them out as much as we did.  He felt around and said that they are still large and a bit discolored.  I'm not sure if that means he still thinks they have infection in them or not.  Clearly, I'm not a doctor.

We got everything set up and she will have a very uneventful spring break.  It's a bummer for her but I can't pull her out of school for 7-10 days for this.  She will miss the Friday before break and have her surgery early that morning.  She is a little bit anxious about it but it is still two months away.  

After the visit we headed to Kroger to pick up some food.  We found this picture on our cart of a guy that we know.  Chaney thought it was cool that his picture was right here.


Verse #1

2015 starts another year of memorizing 24 bibles verses though the Living Proof Ministries.  This is Beth Moore's program that she does.  We did this in 2013 and it was a lot of fun.  We have quite a few friends from church and Instagram doing it so we all post our verses and cheer each other on.  

This year I am going to have the littles (try) and memorize verses with me.  Paislee can do it if we work on it each day and Rigley will just attempt it.

BSF this year has us learning about Moses through the books of Exodus, Leviticus and Deuteronomy.  I thought it would be fun to try and memorize the 10 commandments then go to Matthew and work on the Beatitudes.  These are things that I need to memorize too.

Here is our verse #1

"You shall have no other gods before me."  
~Exodus 20:3 NIV