February Pics in Review

My props for the salvations message
Rigley always falls asleep while we wait to pick up the kids from school
Pais and her Kroge sticker on her face
Meeting of the mind...while on the toilet
A little cat nap
Our new way of doing popsicles

Rigley always falls asleep in my lap
Paislee's hair after sleeping in braids
My boys playing video games
Again, he's asleep
A new "clean" recipe
A walk in the snow with my 5th child
Chaney's hair after sleeping on braids
My new favorite breakfast (1/2 avocado, 2 eggs & cherry tomatoes)
Chaney's Upward team



There is a guy in town who likes to do snow art.  After each big snow you can bet to see something pretty creative in his yard.  With all the snow on the ground he made minions this year.  There are quite a few scattered in his yard.  Today after school Liz took the kids to see them and get some pictures.  Thankful for friends who take pics of my kids and send them to me.  I think the minions look pretty good.


Snow Fun

This morning we woke up to about 6-7" of snow.  Our Upward games were cancelled this morning so we were able to sleep in and then go out and play in the snow.  The weather has been so cold here that when temp gets to be about 25*+ then it's like a heat wave.

We got all our gear on and went outside then to Grandpa Short's house to play on the 4-wheeler and do some sledding.  This year we all got to go.  In years past Rigley was too little so I stayed home with him.

Rigley got to ride with daddy on the 4 wheeler and he loved it.  Josh finally let me drive.  He took some video of the kids flying by.  (It's on Instagram.)  We had so much fun.


Snow Tubing

It's been a few years since we went snow tubing.  We really wanted to go last year but last winter was so cold that it really wasn't an option.  I had mentioned to Jill that we would like to get back this year.  She called and invited us to go along with her family and another family.    

The weather was 50* and was perfect for tubing.  We could have snow and warmth all on the same day.  It was really nice that we were not so bundled up.

This is the car ride down.  Tucker invited Silas to go down.  Even though they are cousins they have a  great friendship.  They have so much fun together.

Goof balls

Here we are trying to get all of our people lined up so we could all go down together...

Here are all the kids (except Tucker).  This is when he got "lost"...it's really along story.  He didn't get lost, he just didn't listen.

Silas being goofy at lunch.

The adults


Friend Fun

Today was a busy day.  We had Upward games this morning then Tucker went to Gabe's birthday party around 1.  While Tucker was gone Addie called to see if Chaney could come down.  It was so nice out that they played with some of the snow that was leftover.  They made Olaf...a mini version.

Then they played some Just Dance.

When Chaney came home her and Addie came right in and put Olaf in the freezer.  Funny story...I totally forgot they had put this crazy thing in the freezer and I went out to grab something and about freaked when I saw this crazy thing.

Here is the turtles at the TMNT party.  

Upward Games #4

This week was a fun week.  Chaney's team played really well.  We are starting to get into a groove where we can ask them to pass the ball on offense and they can do it...most of the time.  They are so fun to watch.  Chaney didn't score a lot this week.  I'm totally fine with that.  She did a really good job of passing and doing the little things.  She played very well.

Tucker played well too.  This week he didn't play as well as he did last week.  He is still a lot of fun to watch.  You can see that his Thursday night practices are paying off in this league too.

Each year when Upward does our pictures we do a "fun" picture.  The parents/friends donate money to whatever team they think has the best pictures.  All of the pictures are hung up in the hallway at the church for all to see.  This is Tucker's team and our team.   I love doing this.  The kids have so much fun.