March Pics in Review

Rigley likes to "cuddle" in the afternoons...
Selfie pics of your nephew when he's at grandma's
Kids coloring the dishwasher box
Chaney practicing soccer
Chaney hiding her gum in her soccer socks
Tuck and his buddy
Rigley found a Sharpie and decorated his nose
Tucker found this mask at mama's
Pais using some apps..

When I was looking at my photo stream I found these pics of Paislee.  She uses these crazy apps and makes some really funny pictures.  She kinda looks like a cartoon character.

Park Time

Today was a nice day and Chaney is pretty much back to normal so after lunch we headed to the local park.  The kids have been wanting to hang out with friends so we called the Bennett family to see if they wanted to meet us there.  There kids are almost the exact same ages as ours.  They all play really well together.  

Here they are all hiding in the cabin.  This pic was from Liz.  Pretty sure Rigley and I were in the bathroom.

After a few hours playing we came home to eat some ice cream.  All the kids had huge bowls.  Within two minutes of finishing his ice cream Rigley went to the floor and fell asleep.  He brought his spoon over with him.


Tonsils - Day 9

Today the kids were so excited to go out and see a movie.  They had been watching the previews to the movie "Home."  We don't go see movies at the theater very much.  In fact, this is the first time that I have gone with everyone.  Usually I am the one at home with the littlest.

We got there early so we could get our favorite seats and popcorn.

The kids did great.  Rigley wanted to talk out loud some but was good otherwise.  The kids liked the movie.  I thought it was kind of boring.  As long as the kids liked it was good for me.  

Chaney was back to her ol' self.  She talked a lot today.  Her appetite is picking up.  She is slowly starting to eat some of her regular foods.  She had a visit today from my cousins Bethany and Allie.  She was super excited to see them.  When Bethany was little she hung out with us a lot.  She would go to games with us and was like the little sister.  She has kinda treated Chaney like that.  She and Allie are super sweet with her.


Tonsils - Day 8

Today was a lazy day.  The weather was cold and it was spitting snow.  I made some food to freeze and the kids did some painting and lots of playing.

Chaney started talking more today.  You can see on her throat picture what is healing.  It's starting to look pretty good.


Tonsils - Day 7

Today we spent most of the day at mom's house.  I was working on some of Doug's farm stuff while the kids ran around mom's house and played with Charlie.  Chaney came home with four huge trash bags of clothes.  Each of the kids came away with something.

The littles decided to put on their hunting hats and run around their house with water guns (no water) shooting everyone.  I though they looked pretty cute.

Chaney played around at mom's not doing too much.  She is still not talking a whole lot.  She did try to eat some Hawaiian bread but only got a few bites in.  She claims the bread scratches her scabs and bothers her.  She is up an doing things around the house and starting to pick fights.  You know your kids are getting better when they start picking fights:-)  Here is her throat.  (Sorry for the nasty photos.  These pics are for her later in life.)


Tonsils - Day 6

No pictures today.  I spend most of the day upstairs going through toys and junk.  Chaney came upstairs with me but mostly just laid around.  She did get a few small doses of pain medicine but not much.  She is still pretty quiet.  She doesn't talk too much because it feels funny and hurts a bit.  She did lay down on her bed and get a small nap.  Tonight the plan is for her to sleep in her own bed and not do pain meds.  We'll see how all that goes.


Today Tucker was invited to go to SkyZone with his buddy Gabe.  This is the first time that he has been there and he was so excited to go.   He has been asking to go for quite some time.  Tuck was pretty excited when I told him that he was invited to go.

He got home tonight and was tired.  You could tell that he had played hard and was worn down.


Tonsils - Day 5

Today started off good.  My plan was to surprise Chaney with some "friend" time on Wednesday.  Her buddy Rachel was going to be out of town so we moved it up a day.  Chaney was surprised.  I knew she would get worn out easy so this date was to cheer her up, do something different and laugh.  All of these she did.  We got Rachel about 11.  They played iPads (because she can not do anything yet that gets her heart rate up).  They came down and ate lunch then went back up and played.  

Here are the two buddies...

We left the house and went to Culver's to get some (free) ice cream.

We got Rachel home about 2.  (I told you it was a quick visit.)  We came home to watch a movie and rest for a little bit.  Chaney wanted to see what her throat looked liked so I took a picture so she could see it.  Here is what I got...

You may think it looks gross but it actually looks really good.  Her throat is not near as swollen as it was.  Today she only took 2.5mL of pain meds every 4 hours.  Since her pain medicine is a narcotic we are slowly weaning her off instead of taking her off cold turkey.  Plus this helps her manage her pain a little bit more.  Her pain level has never been above a three.  This girl has literally had strep about 15 times so if she can survive that then I think a sore throat from a tonsillectomy would be a walk in the park.


Tonsils - Day 4

Today already started off better than yesterday.  Dad and Barbara were coming over because they haven't seen her at all since the surgery.  I had to wake up Chaney to make sure she got some food in her and got her pain meds before they came.

They got her about 9 and brought a craft and a puzzle for her to do.  I had mentioned to Chaney that our goal for the day was for her to get a shower or bath and wash her hair.  It didn't matter when but at some point today this was our goal.  She told me her goal to day was to take a nap.  I thought both of these were good goals because she hasn't slept very much at all.

Dad and Barbara stayed for about an hour or so.  I was fixing lunch when I found this...

Chaney had fallen asleep reading the directions to her new craft.  

After she woke up and ate (some) lunch we decided to start working on her new bouncey ball craft.

There were three different molds so we ended up making one of each size.

We finally got her to take a bubble bath.  She enjoyed sitting in it and watching her show on the iPad to keep her company.  Beckett liked going in and sneaking the bubbles too.  After her bath I braided her hair to keep it out of her face.  Since she is laying around it's easier for her hair to be back and not right up in her face.

After dinner everybody helped her work on her puzzle.

After about an hour it was complete.


Tucker's Night Out

Finally....Tucker got to go out with us on his birthday date.  He was super excited and really glad that we postponed it a week so that he could actually enjoy it.  Mom and aunt Livvy came over to watch the other kids while we went out.

Here is the birthday boy and mommy while we waited on dad.

All of us...

He wanted to go to Toys R Us.  Personally, I hate this store.  This store is so over priced.  They do have more of a selection but I would rather go  there and see what the kids want then go to Target or Walmart and get it.  He found something that he wanted and bought it.  (His birthday money was burning a hole in his pocket.)

He and daddy also spent some time playing the new Xbox One.

After Toys R Us we went to Target.  Surprise, surprise...we found the item that he had just purchased $20 cheaper.  UGH!  I told him we were taking the other item back to Toys R Us.  While at Target we decided to walk through the mall to Dick's.  Here is Tuck being goofy on some of the little rides.

Tucker chose to eat at McAlister's today.  Here is Tucker and Josh.  Tucker likes being with mom/dad one-on-one.  He talks so much that we don't normally get a word in edge wise.  His big present for the day was a huge remote control truck that he can play with outside since we are on spring break.  Now the trick is to wait on some nice weather....not sure if that will happen this week.

Tonsils - Day 3

Day 3....so far the worst day.  I say that but you have to understand it still wasn't a bad day.  There was no crying or arguing.  Out of the three days (so far) it was just the worst day.  She slept better last night which meant even less eating/drinking during the night.  This morning it was even harder to get her to drink because she was in pain.  It took a little bit longer to coax her in to taking her meds.  With the tonsillectomy the key is to drinking a lot and often.  You don't want those scabs in the back to get dry.  Just imagine a scab on your knee.  When it gets dry and you bend down it starts to rip open.  Now imagine that scab on your tonsils.  Welcome to our struggle.

In this picture she has a bag of corn in the Nike towel under her throat.  I caught her cat-napping after giving the littles a bath.  You'd think that the pain meds would make her sleep but she doesn't  Her pain meds are pretty strong and have tylenol mixed in to help with pain, fever (which is normal but she hasn't had one yet) and swelling.

Daddy did bring her back a Cherry Coke after church so that did help her throat a little;-)


Tonsils - Day 2

Well, it seems that mornings maybe our roughest time.  At night she doesn't eat/drink very much (obviously) because she is trying to sleep.  We do set our alarms to get up at 1 & 5 am to get pain meds in her. It takes a little bit longer to get her to take her meds and get going.  Today she did get up and walk around the house and was playing the iPad and talking quite a bit.

We did find this little gem.  They forgot to take this off of her side.  They got the two off her chest.  We tried to use some alcohol to get it off but it didn't work.  After using some Dawn soap and some tweezers Josh got it off.


Upward Carnival

Tonight was the Upward carnival.  Each year all the kids involved are invited to come and play games and hang out.  Tucker and I went over to the church about 5 to help set up.  A perk of being there early is that he got to play on the bounce houses before anyone else was there.

We had a great time.  Tuck' buddy Gabe showed up so they ran around gathering as many prizes as they could.  Chaney was bummed she couldn't go.

Goodbye Tonsils

Today was the day.  Today Chaney got her tonsils out.  We arrived at the surgery center bright and early at 6:30.  Mom came to the house to make sure Tucker got on the bus and to keep the littles.  Pastor Andy came to pray with Chaney before surgery and to hang out with Josh and I while Chaney was back in recovery.

Here she is playing around before the procedure.

They came and got her about 7:40 and took her back.  Then her dr came and talked to us about 8:30 to let us know how she did.  She did great during surgery.  He did confirm that her tonsils were really big and they were full of debris, bacteria and tonsil stones.  He said it was a good decision to get them out.  Chaney came back to the room about 8:50.  The nurses told us that she got sick in recovery.  We were not allowed in recovery with her.  That didn't really surprise me.  All that medicine and blood (from the procedure) usually doesn't sit real well on an empty tummy.  

She came back to the room and was in a daze.  The nurse said she was talking in recovery.  When she saw us she didn't talk.  She had a look on her face that she was really mad.  We got her some sprite and got her drinking.  After a few big gulps the sprite came back up to revisit.  We decided to hold off about an hour on eating/ drinking anything.  We turned off the lights and started watching a movie to let her stomach settle down a bit.

Around 10 she started to drink a little bit, very small drinks.  The nurse brought her some apple sauce so she started taking very small bites.

Josh left about 10:20 to take her prescriptions to the pharmacy and eat lunch with Tucker.  She started to perk up with every drink and bite.  We took this picture to send to Josh to show Tucker at lunch.  He was worried about her.

We ordered some lunch and she then perked up even more and was keeping everything in.  She ate cheesecake, pudding, applesauce and mac and cheese. (This was throughout our stay, not at one time.)

Chaney's friend Addie had her tonsils out a few years ago so she gave Chaney a goodie bag of things that would help.  Her she is working on her sticker book.

After eating lunch she was getting bored.  She was still hooked to the IV so she couldn't go far.  Her and I switched seats and I got the bed and she took my spot.

After lunch Josh came back and took a nap.

Chaney playing the iPad while I watched basketball.

Chaney being goofy.

At 12:45 she got some steroids through her IV to help with swelling and then at 1 she got another does of pain meds.  1:40 we were on our way out the door.

Here is Chaney and her nurse Andrea.  Andrea was with her from the beginning of the day until the end.  She was great with Chaney.

The ride home.  Our ride home was about 5 minutes.  Chaney said her daddy's driving about made her sick.

Now to begin the recovery at home.