Goodbye Tonsils

Today was the day.  Today Chaney got her tonsils out.  We arrived at the surgery center bright and early at 6:30.  Mom came to the house to make sure Tucker got on the bus and to keep the littles.  Pastor Andy came to pray with Chaney before surgery and to hang out with Josh and I while Chaney was back in recovery.

Here she is playing around before the procedure.

They came and got her about 7:40 and took her back.  Then her dr came and talked to us about 8:30 to let us know how she did.  She did great during surgery.  He did confirm that her tonsils were really big and they were full of debris, bacteria and tonsil stones.  He said it was a good decision to get them out.  Chaney came back to the room about 8:50.  The nurses told us that she got sick in recovery.  We were not allowed in recovery with her.  That didn't really surprise me.  All that medicine and blood (from the procedure) usually doesn't sit real well on an empty tummy.  

She came back to the room and was in a daze.  The nurse said she was talking in recovery.  When she saw us she didn't talk.  She had a look on her face that she was really mad.  We got her some sprite and got her drinking.  After a few big gulps the sprite came back up to revisit.  We decided to hold off about an hour on eating/ drinking anything.  We turned off the lights and started watching a movie to let her stomach settle down a bit.

Around 10 she started to drink a little bit, very small drinks.  The nurse brought her some apple sauce so she started taking very small bites.

Josh left about 10:20 to take her prescriptions to the pharmacy and eat lunch with Tucker.  She started to perk up with every drink and bite.  We took this picture to send to Josh to show Tucker at lunch.  He was worried about her.

We ordered some lunch and she then perked up even more and was keeping everything in.  She ate cheesecake, pudding, applesauce and mac and cheese. (This was throughout our stay, not at one time.)

Chaney's friend Addie had her tonsils out a few years ago so she gave Chaney a goodie bag of things that would help.  Her she is working on her sticker book.

After eating lunch she was getting bored.  She was still hooked to the IV so she couldn't go far.  Her and I switched seats and I got the bed and she took my spot.

After lunch Josh came back and took a nap.

Chaney playing the iPad while I watched basketball.

Chaney being goofy.

At 12:45 she got some steroids through her IV to help with swelling and then at 1 she got another does of pain meds.  1:40 we were on our way out the door.

Here is Chaney and her nurse Andrea.  Andrea was with her from the beginning of the day until the end.  She was great with Chaney.

The ride home.  Our ride home was about 5 minutes.  Chaney said her daddy's driving about made her sick.

Now to begin the recovery at home.

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