Tonsils - Day 7

Today we spent most of the day at mom's house.  I was working on some of Doug's farm stuff while the kids ran around mom's house and played with Charlie.  Chaney came home with four huge trash bags of clothes.  Each of the kids came away with something.

The littles decided to put on their hunting hats and run around their house with water guns (no water) shooting everyone.  I though they looked pretty cute.

Chaney played around at mom's not doing too much.  She is still not talking a whole lot.  She did try to eat some Hawaiian bread but only got a few bites in.  She claims the bread scratches her scabs and bothers her.  She is up an doing things around the house and starting to pick fights.  You know your kids are getting better when they start picking fights:-)  Here is her throat.  (Sorry for the nasty photos.  These pics are for her later in life.)

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