Rigley's Foot

Today was a check-up on Rigley's foot.  When we first got there he had to get some x-rays taken.  Since we were at the podiatrist their x-ray machine was right on the floor so he could stand up the entire time.  He did well.  He listened to the lady and and was very good.

Once we got into the room the doctor showed us the x-rays and the new bone growth that was happening.  Showing us the bone growth confirmed that their was a break.  She told us to give him one more week in the boot then he could be done.

He's such a talker.  The doctor comes in and he just talks to her the entire time.


Rugby Game

The two big kids were invited to go with the Bennett's up to Noblesville to watch Liz's niece play rugby.  The two littles were bummed not to go but they got a special date and ice cream with dad.

They all wanted to wait outside so I made them pose for a picture.

Here is the clan up in Noblesville.  I think its' safe to say that we probably won't have any rugby players.  I don't think the kids were too impressed with this sport.


Upward Celebration

At the end of each year the Upward Leadership team is invited (with their families) to come out and celebrate the year.  This year we met a place her in town.  We waited for Josh to get home from church then we went over.

The kids had fun running from one thing to another.

Rigley and I taking a pic together.

Bounce house fun...

Pais liked this basketball game

We found out that we all loved playing laser tag.  At the very end of the day we (our entire family) went in and played a game girls vs boys.  It was a lot of fun.  I think it's safe to say that the girls got clobbered.  The boys have much better aim then we do.


Saturday Games

Today was a miserable day for games.  We knew it was going to be chilly and rainy.  Josh was going to take the littles and sit in the van for Tuck's game.  They can park in the parking lot and still watch the game.  It actually was perfect for them.  

Chaney had a soccer game so I went with her.  We woke up to rain and 40* temps and though they games would get cancelled.  As 9 am came around the rain stopped and the games went on.

Chaney's team won 5-2 despite the muddy conditions.  She had fun playing in the mud.

Tucker's team had a more competitive game.  They were ahead the entire game but lost in the last inning 4-3.  Tucker had some great hits and went 3 for 3 with 1 RBI.


Game Ball

Tonight's game was kinda ridiculous.  The team they played were all travel team players.  It was very obvious.  Tuck's team is a lot of rookies.  They lost tonight 25-3.  But, Tucker had his best game so far.  He played catcher tonight and he likes this position.  He ended up going 2 for 2 with a double and 2 RBI's.  The game got called after the 5th inning (obviously).  This team is getting better with each game.

He got the game ball for tonight's performance.  He was very excited about it.


Awana Awards

Tonight was the last night of Awanas and awards night.

Next year Paislee gets to move up to the Sparks group.  They have three books that they have to complete from grades K-2.

Tucker and Chaney are in Sparks

Chaney finished her last book and will move into the T & T group next year.  (As of right now she says she's done with Awanas.  We'll see if that changes next year.)

Tucker is done with book 2 of 3.  He will be in Sparks next year and finish his third book.

Rigley loves Grace.  She is Gabe's older sister.  She always talks to him and takes him on walks and loves all over him.  He adores her and all the attention.  He's a ladies man.


Saturday Fun Day

The weather today is just awesome.  After the baseball game this morning we came home and worked outside getting the yard mowed and I worked in the flower beds.  The cars needed their oil changed so Josh took the kids and the van out to his parents house to get that done.  The kids like to go out and hang with mamaw and papaw and play with the chickens.

They also got the bb guns out and were trying to hit the targets.

We ended up having out their playing soccer, kickball and eating dinner.  Can't wait for summer to come.

First Baseball Game

Baseball Game #1

Tucker has been looking forward to this day for a long time.  Finally...he has his first baseball game.  It was a great morning.  The weather was great.  Tuck as a little nervous but not too bad.  He and Gabe are on the same team again.  There is never a dull moment with these two.

Tucker got #10.  I was pretty happy with that.  #10 was my number all through high school/college.

Tucker did pretty well for his first game.  He went 1 for 3 and played left center field.  He really enjoyed it.  Now we will have games every Friday evening and Saturday morning until June.  It should be a fun season.


Soccer Game #2

Tonight was a beautiful night for soccer.  We had the later game so we had a 7:15 kick time.  Chaney's team played really well tonight.  They were really impressive.  The team that they played has five girls playing academy soccer and rec soccer.  Our girls are all are rec league players and dominated 8-2.  One girl had 5 goals all on her own.  They girls had so much fun playing...and winning.

Here is the peanut gallery taking a break from running like crazy and playing devices for  a minute.

Chaney started out playing goalie again.  She has an advantage from the other players.  She can play goalie, offense and defense.  Some of the girls on her team only play offense and defense.

Chaney also got a goal today.  This is her first goal in this league.  She never scored last season.


Grandparent Week

Each year the kid's school does a grandparent week.  The grandparents are invited to come in and eat lunch with the kids.  Ironic enough, the school also has a book sale at the same time.  I think someone really smart planned it that way so that the grandparents would buy books.  I know two sets of grandparents that fall into that trap every single year, ;-)

The great thing is that they always take pictures so that we can save them.