Last Soccer Game

This morning was the last soccer game.  Chaney's team won 5-4 and went undefeated this season.  (A drastic change from last season.)  Chaney played goalie the second half and did very well.  She had some incredible stops.

After the game they all got their medals then had some fun taking pictures.

And some goofy pics...

Astros vs Giants

Today we played the Giants.  This team should not be in a "rec league."  Most of their team is travel team players.  They thumped us again today 4 -19.  Our boys played well.  Tucker went 2 for 2, 1 hit and 1 RBI.


Astros vs Reds

The Astros continue to struggle.  Tonight they fell 3-10.  Tucker had a rough  night.  He went 0 for 3. (Sorry for no pics.  When Tucker plays we are normally keeping stats on the iPad for the coach so we don't get a chance to take pics.)

Grace was at the diamonds tonight so they kids got a chance to hang out with her.  The kids, especially Rigley, love Grace.  Sam is photobombing in the background.

Awards Day

Josh took the morning off so he could go with me to watch the kids' awards ceremony.  This year they handed out the certificates in their class at the end of the day.  The kids were still noticed in front of their classmates and parents.  I only took a few pictures because we were cramped in a small spot and I don't think the people appreciated my flash going off.  Oh well!

Tucker's Awards:
-Art Award
-Completion of Weston Fit (exercise program)
-Music Award
-PE Award (every student got one)
-Super Academic Honors (based on tests scores)

(Sorry this is upside down)
Chaney's Awards:
-Star Award (character traits award)
-PE Award (every student got)
-Art Award
-Library Award
-Academic Honors (based on test scores)

Last Day of School

Today was the last day of school.  What a difference a year makes.  They weren't too sure about getting pictures but they made their mom happy and did it anyway.  


Talent Show

Today was the talent show at school.  My kids are never in it but love to watch all of their classmates show off their talents.  

Tucker's teacher always puts a song together for the talent show so this year Tucker got to be in it.  His kindergarten teacher sent me this picture of them.  He got to stand next to his best buddy, Romie.

I love that people send me pics of what my kids do when we are not able to be there.


Swimming Lessons

The last few years I have been wanting to get the kids in swim lessons but wasn't sure where to go.  The high school gives lessons in the fall and spring but I wasn't sure if I wanted to enroll the kids not knowing anything about it.

I have a few friends in town who referred a local girl here in town.  She is an IWU student and is a life guard.  She gives lessons at the pool at her house.  I signed the littles up about a month ago and told them what we were doing.  These two have talked about swim lessons each day since then.  To say they were excited may have been an understatement.

Here they are all ready to go.  

Paislee volunteered Rigley to go first.  He got right in with Charly and wasn't hesitant at all.

They practiced floating, kicking, and paddling or scooping.  

Charly did make him go under.  He wasn't happy about that but he did it.  As soon as he came up he said, "I'm not doing that again."  It was funny.  Charly is good but yet stern with them.

Paislee couldn't wait to get in.  She did exactly what she was told.

She did most of the same things with Pais as she did with Rigley.

Pais didn't like going under either.  She also didn't like it when Charly made her blow bubbles with her nose under water.  She finally did it though.  They will have lessons two times a week for two weeks.  Since we are around water a little more than we used to be I feel more comfortable with the littles having a little more practice.  Plus, this is something they get to do that the big kids don't get to do.  

After swim lessons we went to grab some milk then get the kids from school.  I think you can say that two days of swimming can wear this kid out.  He got a good cat nap and was ready to go when we got home.


Memorial Day

Today we celebrated Memorial Day down at the lake house.  (I think yesterday was the better day to be at the lake.)  We got down there about 10:45 and all of Sarah's kids had already been in the water.  The wind was really strong on the lake.  When we got there I put on my sweatshirt.  It was chilly.  The neighbors went home but said we could use any of their boating stuff.  The kids went out on paddle boat rides.

Ella brought her friend Autumn today.  They both went swimming with our littles.  They were so sweet with them.

Audra & Tony

Mamaw and Papaw actually got out in one of the paddle boats and went across the lake.

Paul mastered the canoe...while Josiah did not.  Josiah got out and the wind was blowing him in the opposite direction he wanted to go.  He kinda just gave up.  Paul went out to save him...and all of us on the dock had a great laugh at Josiah's expense.  

Amore had fun...her hair got bigger as the day went on.

Charlie wasn't quite awake in this pic.  He had just woke up from his nap.

These boys love to take boat rides but don't want to tube.  Actually Pete did get in the tube today but we went really, really slow.

Josh and his littles.

They boys being goofy...

Josiah did some fishing and caught this guy.  Rick and Tommy also had a good day catching fish.

The first boat ride of the season.  Josephine was not liking it as soon as we got going fast.  Paislee was more brave this year then she has been.  And Pete stayed awake for the boat ride.  He almost always falls asleep.

We had a good day at the lake.  It was chilly but it really didn't bother the kids.  I went out with the tubers and helped get them in and out.  Dad drives and I help spot to see when they fall in.  Josh did end up getting in with the littles.  The two bigs went off the high dive.  This was a huge accomplishment for them.

Each year the kids get a little bit older and little more brave.  It's fun to watch them all have fun and play together.  More than anything its about making memories with your family.


Sunday Funday

This weekend has been kinda crazy for a few of us so we decided Sunday was going to be our day of staying home and relaxing.  We went to church then made a quick run by Sam's to get some food and other items.

We got home and ate some lunch.  We turned the race on the radio and the kids made up some water balloons and spent the rest of the afternoon getting wet and fighting with balloons.

It's so much fun to sit and listen to your kids laugh together.  Josh and I got some good laughs in watching them fight and antagonize each other.

It was the boys vs the girls

Each water balloon that was thrown and didn't bust Beckett would go grab and then pop it.  This dog really thinks he is a kid not a dog.  He wants to do what the kids do all the time.

Pais thought it was necessary to have goggles on today.  (Not sure why but whatever.)  When she moved them up to her forehead it made her hair do crazy things.  We got a kick out of it so we made sure we got a picture.