Astros vs Rockies

Saturday morning's game got moved to tonight.  We don't usually have games during the week but it was a great evening for a game.  Our team is still winless so we really were not sure what tonight was going to hold.  Right before the first pitch we heard that our opponent was winless.  After that we knew that our game was going to be interesting.  Our guys were the home team so we were out in the field first.  We gave up to runs early and thought we were doomed again.  

Once we got up to hit our guys (& girls) were on fire.  They hit the ball so well tonight.  It also kind of helped that the other team had a tough time playing defense ;-)

Tucker played really well.  He went 4 for 4, 6 RBI's and his first home run. His home run didn't go over the fence but he hit it to the fence.  He did very well tonight.

His pic after the game.

His pics after he realized he got the game ball...again!

Great game Tucker!  So proud of you!

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