Memorial Day

Today we celebrated Memorial Day down at the lake house.  (I think yesterday was the better day to be at the lake.)  We got down there about 10:45 and all of Sarah's kids had already been in the water.  The wind was really strong on the lake.  When we got there I put on my sweatshirt.  It was chilly.  The neighbors went home but said we could use any of their boating stuff.  The kids went out on paddle boat rides.

Ella brought her friend Autumn today.  They both went swimming with our littles.  They were so sweet with them.

Audra & Tony

Mamaw and Papaw actually got out in one of the paddle boats and went across the lake.

Paul mastered the canoe...while Josiah did not.  Josiah got out and the wind was blowing him in the opposite direction he wanted to go.  He kinda just gave up.  Paul went out to save him...and all of us on the dock had a great laugh at Josiah's expense.  

Amore had fun...her hair got bigger as the day went on.

Charlie wasn't quite awake in this pic.  He had just woke up from his nap.

These boys love to take boat rides but don't want to tube.  Actually Pete did get in the tube today but we went really, really slow.

Josh and his littles.

They boys being goofy...

Josiah did some fishing and caught this guy.  Rick and Tommy also had a good day catching fish.

The first boat ride of the season.  Josephine was not liking it as soon as we got going fast.  Paislee was more brave this year then she has been.  And Pete stayed awake for the boat ride.  He almost always falls asleep.

We had a good day at the lake.  It was chilly but it really didn't bother the kids.  I went out with the tubers and helped get them in and out.  Dad drives and I help spot to see when they fall in.  Josh did end up getting in with the littles.  The two bigs went off the high dive.  This was a huge accomplishment for them.

Each year the kids get a little bit older and little more brave.  It's fun to watch them all have fun and play together.  More than anything its about making memories with your family.

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