Sunday Funday

This weekend has been kinda crazy for a few of us so we decided Sunday was going to be our day of staying home and relaxing.  We went to church then made a quick run by Sam's to get some food and other items.

We got home and ate some lunch.  We turned the race on the radio and the kids made up some water balloons and spent the rest of the afternoon getting wet and fighting with balloons.

It's so much fun to sit and listen to your kids laugh together.  Josh and I got some good laughs in watching them fight and antagonize each other.

It was the boys vs the girls

Each water balloon that was thrown and didn't bust Beckett would go grab and then pop it.  This dog really thinks he is a kid not a dog.  He wants to do what the kids do all the time.

Pais thought it was necessary to have goggles on today.  (Not sure why but whatever.)  When she moved them up to her forehead it made her hair do crazy things.  We got a kick out of it so we made sure we got a picture.

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