Swimming Lessons

The last few years I have been wanting to get the kids in swim lessons but wasn't sure where to go.  The high school gives lessons in the fall and spring but I wasn't sure if I wanted to enroll the kids not knowing anything about it.

I have a few friends in town who referred a local girl here in town.  She is an IWU student and is a life guard.  She gives lessons at the pool at her house.  I signed the littles up about a month ago and told them what we were doing.  These two have talked about swim lessons each day since then.  To say they were excited may have been an understatement.

Here they are all ready to go.  

Paislee volunteered Rigley to go first.  He got right in with Charly and wasn't hesitant at all.

They practiced floating, kicking, and paddling or scooping.  

Charly did make him go under.  He wasn't happy about that but he did it.  As soon as he came up he said, "I'm not doing that again."  It was funny.  Charly is good but yet stern with them.

Paislee couldn't wait to get in.  She did exactly what she was told.

She did most of the same things with Pais as she did with Rigley.

Pais didn't like going under either.  She also didn't like it when Charly made her blow bubbles with her nose under water.  She finally did it though.  They will have lessons two times a week for two weeks.  Since we are around water a little more than we used to be I feel more comfortable with the littles having a little more practice.  Plus, this is something they get to do that the big kids don't get to do.  

After swim lessons we went to grab some milk then get the kids from school.  I think you can say that two days of swimming can wear this kid out.  He got a good cat nap and was ready to go when we got home.

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