The last two days we have been helping Sarah and Tommy move.  They sold their house and just found a place to move on Saturday.  They closed on their house Monday and have to be out Wednesday night by 6 pm.  We have had to shift into overdrive to get this all done.  We helped on Monday from about 10a-5p.  Today we got there about 10a and stayed until 6:30p.  The kids did a great job of helping carry things and just keeping the kids entertained.  They played outside and inside.

We showed up today and I had a bandana on.  Apparently I am a trend setter so then everyone else wanted one.  Here is me and my posse.  They are a rough bunch.

We (the girls) helped bring almost everything into the house and get it where it needs to go.  We are leaving the fridge, washer/dryer and gun safe for Tommy.  Everything else (couches, beds, etc) we brought.  The last load was getting Sarah's king size bed taken down and getting it all out before the rain.  We were literally running the pieces to the truck.  Once we got to the new house we were getting rained on.  It was raining while we took these below pics.  We wanted to show off some girl power....and have some fun.

This first pic we had Silas take of all the girls.  Silas took 10 pics but all but this one were blurry.

Then we had Tucker take a picture.  This was the only one that wasn't blurry.

We kicked Chaney out of the picture then regrouped and finally got some good pics.

Then Rigley wanted in with the girls.

We are all sooooo tired and sore.  But we had a great time hanging out with family for two straight days.  Jaclyn and Rick came out Monday evening to help.  We all did our part to get them in.  Tommy has come home every night from work and painted the rooms.  They tore carpets out on Saturday and Sunday.  This house looks (and smells) much different then what it originally started out as.


Sunday Fun

 Chaney got a new bike for her birthday and she wants to go for a bike ride everyday.  Sunday after we were done with church and Josh got home she and I went for a long ride.  We rode over to the trail in town.  We took a break and snapped this picture.

That evening we went to the Bennett's house and had dinner with them.  I sat inside and held their newest addition, Rhydian.  He was born about 6 weeks early so he doesn't get out much.  He is still pretty little.  The other kids were in and out and all over the place.  We have a great time with them.  All of our kids are about the same age so they all have someone to play with.  We only got pics of these two.  We did get some video of all the kids dancing and singing to music videos but I didn't put it up here.

Here is Liz and I drinking our root beet floats...with lots of rootbeer.  I think we both had foam all over our noses.


Ft. Harrison Fun

 Today we met the Nye's at Ft. Harrison.  We had no idea the weather would be overcast and only 65* in late June.  The weather has been crazy.  The first week of June we had 90* temps.  Since then it has been rainy, high humidity and below average temps.

The park wasn't too crowded.  There were a few family reunions going on.  We started off at the playground.  The kids really liked this slide.

This is our movie star, or Paislee.  The sun wasn't out but it was just bright enough to bother her eyes.  She figured out she could do the fireman pole all by herself.

Jason and Josh were trying out the selfie stick before we all got in a picture.

I tried to get a pic of these three but this was as good as it was going to get.

We all fit in this picture.  Then we got home and I was looking and counting and realized we were missing one kid.  We were missing Rigley.  He was standing right by me and I didn't get him in the picture.  I'm still a rookie at this selfie stick thing.

We walked the black topped trail then Josh braved a trail up through the trees with 7  kids to find a geocache.  They found the treasure.  He said they did have to dodge quite a bit of mud but they did ok.

We had a great time hanging out with these guys.  It's a shame we can't do it more than once a month.


Selfie Stick Fun

This dude makes me laugh.  He'll do anything for a laugh from his older siblings.  Chaney put the "headband' on him.  And of course, the AC/DC t-shirt just caps it all off....well that and the flexing.


We have been debating on whether to get a selfie stick or not.  Well....we did!  It's really hard for us to get pics of ourselves because we have a big family and our arms are too short.  Josh got one on his way home from work today.

We had some fun with it. (Tucker was mad at us, notice he is not participating in the 'fun' pictures.)

Even the littles got in on the fun.  They had the stick but no phone was in the stick.


Pool Day

Today we made plans to head to the local pool with some friends.  Tucker was heading there with Gabe's family.  They picked him up about 11.  We left here about 11:30 and got there right when it opened at noon.  The kids love this pool.  (I didn't get any pictures because I was in the pool the entire time.)  The littles took turns going with me on the slide.  They are still too short to ride on their own but they can sit on my lap.  I'm pretty sure that I went down the slide about 40 times.  That is really no exaggeration.

Chaney took her friend Rachel today.  Her friend Claire also showed up there.  The kids had lots of friends to play with.  Once we got their and unpacked I didn't see the big kids hardly at all.  They all went their own way and played.

We ended up staying for about 4 hours.  We had some tired kiddos.  It was a great day of swimming and wearing them out;-)

Tucker did snap this picture for me.  Rigley fell asleep about 5 minutes after we got in the car.  He has a ring pop on his finger that he was able to save until he woke back up at home.


Fair with a Friend

This afternoon Gabe texted to see if Tucker could come with him to the fair.  They picked him up and headed to the fair.  They got the wristbands so they rode all kinds of rides.  At each ride they would always say, "I'm nervous, I'm not sure about this ride."  Then after the ride all you heard was, "That was awesome, let's do it again!"  (All this was from Gabe's mom.)  He had blast.

Tomorrow we will meet up with Gabe and his family at the local pool.


This and That

Normally the day after a lake day we hang around and take our time and lazy around the house.  The kids always play so hard they are normally wiped out.  Today they slept in, two of them slept until 10.

Finally after lunch we headed out to the library.  The kids are doing the summer readying program so they were able to get pencils and a free book today.  We stayed for a little while and let them play on the computers and get new books.  Paislee wanted her picture taken in the phone booth. 

After the library we went home.  Since Josh was going to be later tonight then usual I decided to run over to the fair for a little bit to see the animals and walk around.  We got there about 3:45.  The parking lot was a huge muddy mess because of all the rain we've had.  The big trucks have come in and made ruts everywhere.  The first adventure was trying to find a place to park that we could actually get out of.  Here is a pic of us all before we went in.

The kids had fun petting the rabbits, llamas and walking through the  pig and cow barns.  The pigs were being shown so we watched in the barn for a little bit.  Normally there are some tractors that the kids can climb on and get in but for some reason they were not there this year.  Most of the food vendors were not even open.  (I told the kids I wasn't buying any food or drink anyway.  We ate a snack before we came.  I'm the mean mom.)  We ended up staying around for about an hour then came home.  The US women's soccer team plays tonight in the World Cup so we want to have everything (dinner & showers) done so we can watch that.


Father's Day

Today was a pretty low key day.  Josh was able to leave the church and little early.  We ended up leaving home about 10 to go down to the lake.  Josh loves the lake and we could spend Father's day with him and my dad.  

Audra bought his huge raft with the intentions of the adults sitting and laying on it.  However, once it was blown up you can see who ruled the raft...it wasn't the adults.  The kids had so much fun on it.  Jac's kids and our kids played on it all day.  (Sarah and her family didn't make it down. They are in the process of selling their house so they are packing it all up.)

This is about the extent of the pics I got for the day.  I put my phone away and was in the water.

I did get this shot of Rick.  Most people dive off the party deck which is about 15 feet up.  Rick gets up on the fence of the party deck so he can do his fancy dives and flips.  Show off!! ;-) 

It was a great day and the water was really nice and warm.  I think we ended up leaving there about 6.  We had some tired kiddos.


Happy 9th Birthday Chaney!

Happy 9th Birthday Chaney!

Dear Chaney,

This is your last year of single digits.  Next year you will be two whole hands.  Remember when we thought it was really cool when you were one whole hand.  Time seems to be slowly going faster and our little girl is slowly going away and turning into a little lady.

This last school year you finished second grade.  You had a great year and a very good teacher.  It seems as though you may have been the tallest person in your class again.  I think that it a title you may hold for a while.  At recess you sometimes play with the girls but can mostly be found playing tag or baseball with the boys.  

This past year you played two more seasons of soccer and a season of basketball.  Soccer seems to be your passion.  Goalie maybe a perfect fit for you.  Your desire to get better carries over here at home. Some evenings we find you outside with your soccer gear on and dribbling the ball through cones.  (I can remember doing the exact same thing with a basketball in my hand.)  I hope you continue to love the sport and use it as an outlet.  

You also finished your third year of Awanas.  I'm sure that you have memorized more verses then your dad and I combined.  I'm not sure what next year holds, you say that you are over Awanas so we'll see how that goes.

In the last year you have been more interested in helping me cook and do stuff in the kitchen.  Now you can make your own eggs for breakfast...when you want too;-)  You love to help out and are the first to always say "Thank you" when we do something fun.  You are a great helper with the younger kids.  Paislee thinks the sun rises and sets in you.  She is especially excited now that she gets to share a room with you.  You are sweet most of the time but do have an ornery streak when it comes to Tucker.  You two love to compete and butt heads all the time.  Funny thing is that you are each other's biggest cheerleader.  You both can be the best of friends or the worst of enemies in a matter of seconds.  I guess that is what happens when your sibling is like your best friend.

It's so much fun to watch you grow up.  Sometimes I feel like it's looking in a mirror at myself at your age.  The way you hang around and try to listen to our (your dad and I) conversations reminds of something I used to do.  You like to be "in the know."  

Chaney, you are so much fun to be with.  I love our deep conversations where I can literally see the wheels turing in your head to understand what we are talking about.  I love kicking around a soccer ball with your or shooting hoops in the gym.  I love our time together.

We hope you know how much you are loved.  You are an awesome big sister.  We could not ask for a better first born.  You are loved so much by us and by your heavenly Father.  We are blessed to call you ours.  We love you bunches Chaney Marie!

Chaney's Birthday Day

Today we stuck to the tradition of whatever you want for breakfast on your birthday.  Chaney and I made her cake of choice yesterday before VBS.  She chose to have a chocolate cake with chocolate icing.

After lunch we went to see the new movie "Inside Out."  The theater was packed and the kids saw lots of school buddies.  In fact, the Bennett kids were there.  They came to sit right by us.  Our kids loved it.

My mom came over and watched the other kids while we took Chaney out.  Chaney chose to go to Buffalo Wild Wings.  She likes this place and so do we ;-)  Tonight we got one of the gaming consoles and played trivia throughout dinner.

BW3's is right by Play It Again Sports so we went over there to see what they had.  Chaney had some fun with some of the equipment.

Here we are.  Boy do we love her bunches!


VBS Week

This week was VBS week.  Each year VBS is a family venture.  This year Rigley was old enough to participate.  Josh walks around and gets video and pictures. This year I was in charge of registration.  Each evening I was at the church early and then Josh picked up the extras and brought everyone to church.

This year Chaney's friend, Rachel and Rachel's older sister came.  Tuck's buddy Gabe and his older brother Sam came and Jac's boys came.

This is Tucker's group.  This was taken the night Jac's boys were gone.

Pais had a blast all week with these girlies.  They are sweet and goofy!

Rigley is practicing his moves for the program in his group.

Here is some of Tuck's group.  

This during the program part.  You can see Rigley and Paislee in this picture.  Rigley was so excited to sing on stage.  He was one of the youngest ones there but did better than a lot of the older kids.

Chaney, Tucker, Paul and Hank are in this picture.

Each year they do a contest.  This year the girls won which meant that all the guy preachers got a pie in the face.

Here is our family on the last night after the program.

We had a crazy fun week.  We are also glad that it's over;-)