Chaney's Birthday Day

Today we stuck to the tradition of whatever you want for breakfast on your birthday.  Chaney and I made her cake of choice yesterday before VBS.  She chose to have a chocolate cake with chocolate icing.

After lunch we went to see the new movie "Inside Out."  The theater was packed and the kids saw lots of school buddies.  In fact, the Bennett kids were there.  They came to sit right by us.  Our kids loved it.

My mom came over and watched the other kids while we took Chaney out.  Chaney chose to go to Buffalo Wild Wings.  She likes this place and so do we ;-)  Tonight we got one of the gaming consoles and played trivia throughout dinner.

BW3's is right by Play It Again Sports so we went over there to see what they had.  Chaney had some fun with some of the equipment.

Here we are.  Boy do we love her bunches!

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