Double Header Night

Today was a hot day.  Like 90* hot day.  I was kind of dreading going to watch a baseball game and sit in the sun at 5:30.  This was the last regular season game and we were playing the second best team in the league.  The Yankees beat us pretty bad, 22-2.  We were going to have to play our first tournament game after this game so the ump called the game after two innings to let the kids have a rest, get some food and not totally deflate their egos.  Tucker went 1 for 1 with one RBI.

The second game was a little bit cooler.  The Astros must play better in cooler weather.  They lost but made it very interesting.  They lost 9-14.  Tucker went 3 for 3 with 3 hits.  They even got the lights on for the kids.  It's always cool to play under the lights when you are little.  Here is a picture of Tucker getting ready to bat.

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