Father's Day

Today was a pretty low key day.  Josh was able to leave the church and little early.  We ended up leaving home about 10 to go down to the lake.  Josh loves the lake and we could spend Father's day with him and my dad.  

Audra bought his huge raft with the intentions of the adults sitting and laying on it.  However, once it was blown up you can see who ruled the raft...it wasn't the adults.  The kids had so much fun on it.  Jac's kids and our kids played on it all day.  (Sarah and her family didn't make it down. They are in the process of selling their house so they are packing it all up.)

This is about the extent of the pics I got for the day.  I put my phone away and was in the water.

I did get this shot of Rick.  Most people dive off the party deck which is about 15 feet up.  Rick gets up on the fence of the party deck so he can do his fancy dives and flips.  Show off!! ;-) 

It was a great day and the water was really nice and warm.  I think we ended up leaving there about 6.  We had some tired kiddos.

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