We left Sunday after church and got down to the lake about 4.  The weather was hot and muggy...perfect for four kids to jump in the water.

The kids love seeing pictures of themselves jumping in.  Tucker loves to jump off the high dive while Chaney is content jumping in off the dock.

These two love posing and running in and jumping together.  This is one of the many pics of them.

Here is my crew...I love these goof balls.

Monday we woke up to rain and cooler temps.  We did a lot of hanging around watching movies and fishing.

Tuesday's weather was much better.  We ate an early lunch and were in the water by noon.  We all got in the (cold) water and had a great time.  You can tell Paislee and Rigley are much more confident in the water after swim lessons.  While we are at the lake we make all the kids wear life jackets because we can't see the bottom.  No one complains because they know its the rule.  The little two kept theirs on and were out in the deep end the entire time.  They were not scared at all.

We finally packed up and pulled all the little fish out of the water by 5.  The two littles fell asleep in the first 5 minutes of the car ride.  They were wiped out.  Swimming and sun is a good combination to help little people sleep ;-)

We got these pics in before it was swim time...

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