The last two days we have been helping Sarah and Tommy move.  They sold their house and just found a place to move on Saturday.  They closed on their house Monday and have to be out Wednesday night by 6 pm.  We have had to shift into overdrive to get this all done.  We helped on Monday from about 10a-5p.  Today we got there about 10a and stayed until 6:30p.  The kids did a great job of helping carry things and just keeping the kids entertained.  They played outside and inside.

We showed up today and I had a bandana on.  Apparently I am a trend setter so then everyone else wanted one.  Here is me and my posse.  They are a rough bunch.

We (the girls) helped bring almost everything into the house and get it where it needs to go.  We are leaving the fridge, washer/dryer and gun safe for Tommy.  Everything else (couches, beds, etc) we brought.  The last load was getting Sarah's king size bed taken down and getting it all out before the rain.  We were literally running the pieces to the truck.  Once we got to the new house we were getting rained on.  It was raining while we took these below pics.  We wanted to show off some girl power....and have some fun.

This first pic we had Silas take of all the girls.  Silas took 10 pics but all but this one were blurry.

Then we had Tucker take a picture.  This was the only one that wasn't blurry.

We kicked Chaney out of the picture then regrouped and finally got some good pics.

Then Rigley wanted in with the girls.

We are all sooooo tired and sore.  But we had a great time hanging out with family for two straight days.  Jaclyn and Rick came out Monday evening to help.  We all did our part to get them in.  Tommy has come home every night from work and painted the rooms.  They tore carpets out on Saturday and Sunday.  This house looks (and smells) much different then what it originally started out as.

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