Sunday Fun

 Chaney got a new bike for her birthday and she wants to go for a bike ride everyday.  Sunday after we were done with church and Josh got home she and I went for a long ride.  We rode over to the trail in town.  We took a break and snapped this picture.

That evening we went to the Bennett's house and had dinner with them.  I sat inside and held their newest addition, Rhydian.  He was born about 6 weeks early so he doesn't get out much.  He is still pretty little.  The other kids were in and out and all over the place.  We have a great time with them.  All of our kids are about the same age so they all have someone to play with.  We only got pics of these two.  We did get some video of all the kids dancing and singing to music videos but I didn't put it up here.

Here is Liz and I drinking our root beet floats...with lots of rootbeer.  I think we both had foam all over our noses.

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