This and That

Normally the day after a lake day we hang around and take our time and lazy around the house.  The kids always play so hard they are normally wiped out.  Today they slept in, two of them slept until 10.

Finally after lunch we headed out to the library.  The kids are doing the summer readying program so they were able to get pencils and a free book today.  We stayed for a little while and let them play on the computers and get new books.  Paislee wanted her picture taken in the phone booth. 

After the library we went home.  Since Josh was going to be later tonight then usual I decided to run over to the fair for a little bit to see the animals and walk around.  We got there about 3:45.  The parking lot was a huge muddy mess because of all the rain we've had.  The big trucks have come in and made ruts everywhere.  The first adventure was trying to find a place to park that we could actually get out of.  Here is a pic of us all before we went in.

The kids had fun petting the rabbits, llamas and walking through the  pig and cow barns.  The pigs were being shown so we watched in the barn for a little bit.  Normally there are some tractors that the kids can climb on and get in but for some reason they were not there this year.  Most of the food vendors were not even open.  (I told the kids I wasn't buying any food or drink anyway.  We ate a snack before we came.  I'm the mean mom.)  We ended up staying around for about an hour then came home.  The US women's soccer team plays tonight in the World Cup so we want to have everything (dinner & showers) done so we can watch that.

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