VBS Week

This week was VBS week.  Each year VBS is a family venture.  This year Rigley was old enough to participate.  Josh walks around and gets video and pictures. This year I was in charge of registration.  Each evening I was at the church early and then Josh picked up the extras and brought everyone to church.

This year Chaney's friend, Rachel and Rachel's older sister came.  Tuck's buddy Gabe and his older brother Sam came and Jac's boys came.

This is Tucker's group.  This was taken the night Jac's boys were gone.

Pais had a blast all week with these girlies.  They are sweet and goofy!

Rigley is practicing his moves for the program in his group.

Here is some of Tuck's group.  

This during the program part.  You can see Rigley and Paislee in this picture.  Rigley was so excited to sing on stage.  He was one of the youngest ones there but did better than a lot of the older kids.

Chaney, Tucker, Paul and Hank are in this picture.

Each year they do a contest.  This year the girls won which meant that all the guy preachers got a pie in the face.

Here is our family on the last night after the program.

We had a crazy fun week.  We are also glad that it's over;-)

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