Photo Gig

Today is our annul photo gig.  I dropped the kids off with Josh's parents to camp out with their cousins.  It was a beautiful night for a baseball game.


Lake Stop

This is the last week before school starts.  The weather is hot and muggy so I was trying to think of something fun to do.  We opted to head to the lake.  Jaclyn and her family are down there for a few days so we loaded up and went down for the day.  Chaney invited her friend Addie to go along.

This was Addie's first catch of the day.  This little guy got the hook almost through his eye.  The second fish she caught basically swallowed the hook and worm.  Rick was trying to get it out but ended up grabbing the fish's intestines.  The fish didn't make it very long.  Chaney caught one but in her attempt to bring it in it fell off.

These two are about the same size and are hilarious together.

These two had fun hunting fish all day.  Not fishing but trying to catch fish underwater with a net.

Paddleboat rides

We had a successful and fun day.


Selfie Stick Sunday

Sunday mornings is normally me and the kids.  Josh is up and at the church early.  This morning we were all ready early so we got the selfie stick and got some pics of us.

We tried to put it up above but all the kids complained it was too bright.  Look at their faces...

Then we moved up on the porch...

Today was pretty much a lazy day.  We ran a few errands after church then came home for lunch and devices.  Josh came home then it was nap time.  After dinner I took the three big kids to Home Depot to look for paint colors for their room.  The girls had a hard time deciding.  Tucker knew what he and Rigley wanted so he took a break on the 5 gallon paint cans at Home Depot.  I would have joined him but I though Paislee and Chaney may break out in a fight arguing over what colors they wanted.


Busy 'Fun' Friday

School starts in a about 10 days and we had a time scheduled with Jac to get everyone's hair cut for school.  She called and had things change so we went up today.  I knew we were going to cut it close because she wanted us at two o'clock and we had a fun night scheduled with the Nye's.

We got there and the kids had popsicles and were looking at an arrowhead book.

Jac's two little girls were down for a nap so they weren't around for the pic.

We left town about 4:30 and got caught in some Luke Bryan concert traffic.  We ran home to get Josh and then were off.  This week we met at Jason's parent's house.  They have a pool and let us come crash and play at their house.  The kids had a great time of playing and making slow-mo videos.  (That's always a highlight.)

All of our kids look alike (blonde hair and blue eyes) anyway but when they get wet it's even harder.

Here is Charlotte and Paislee

Chloe, Chaney & Sophie

Tucker had fun making Oliver laugh.

Charlotte with Rigley and Paislee trying to photobomb

More photobombing opportunities


All the kids (but Oliver)

Josh and I

Emily and I

Rigley made it all day without a nap.  We got home last night and he went and got on the chair and was out.  Like really out.  He was a tired little boy.


Double Date

Last week our friends (Jill & Patrick) were out of town so we watched their house and animals for them.  Each day we went to play with the dogs and take a walk around outside and inside to make sure everything was ok.  They wanted to take us out for watching things.

Tonight we went to Harry & Izzy's.  Josh was looking forward to some shrimp cocktail.  (They are a sister restaurant to St. Elmo's so they have the same shrimp cocktail.)  I'm not a fan of that so I got the pleasure of watching them eat the cocktail sauce that brought tears to their eyes.

We had a great time with these two.

After dinner we broke out the selfie stick and had a little bit of fun with it.  You are never too old to use a selfie stick, right?!?!?


Mud Fun

We finally have gotten out the water slide.  Normally we get it out at the beginning of the summer.  With all the crazy rain and wet ground we haven't gotten it out.  Today the kids were so excited to play.

We invited the Bennett's over to play.  The kids haven't seen them much them summer so they were happy they were coming.  I had put the pools on one side for the yard and the slide on the other.  The kids decided to unhook the hose from the slide and put it on the slide to the playset.  They had so much fun going down the slide.   They ended up making their own little mud hole.  They got down and played in it.

Then they needed to clean off so all of the pools began to look like this.

Then they would go back and they began to look like this...

They had so much fun.  Liz took most of the pictures because I got to sit and hold this guy.

Rhydian is about two months old now.  (his due date was June 27 but he decided to come 6 weeks early.)  We snuggled and he slept the entire time.  I think he likes to hear all the kids yell and scream. He's the youngest of four too so he's probably pretty used to that.


60th Weekend

On July 17 my grandparents celebrated 60 years of marriage.  To celebrate this event my grandparents reserved the Santa Clause Lodge for the weekend.  They brought everyone in, all 75 of us.  This has been scheduled and reserved for two years so really no one had an excuse not to be there.  Everyone made it except for my cousin Zach.  He is in the navy and was on a boat in Bahrain. July 17 is also my mamaw's birthday so we celebrated her birthday with cake.  On Saturday everyone had tickets to  Holiday World then on Sunday we had a church service.  Rick led the music, uncle Robin spoke and uncle Nick took care of the communion portion.  All of my aunts/uncles sang with my grandma playing the piano like always.  My papaw was singing too.  I'm not going to post many pictures because there are way too many.  We will be making a video of it all soon.

Here are a few pics from the park.  The kids did so well.  It was terribly hot so we spent most of the day in the water park.  We heard from one of the workers that they had more people at the park today then they have had all year in a single day.  I think we figured that out.

This was us as were leaving the park.  Still some smiles but hungry kids.

Mamaw and Papaw have 6 kids that live in three different states.  It's very hard to get them all together for any length of time.  Mamaw wanted all of her family together so this was one way to do it all.  There were lots of memories made and a lot of fun that was had.

Mamaw asked me to take pictures so we had some fun getting some pics in.  We were trying to set up for the 'kid' picture and we turned it into a 'Pam-sandwich' or a progressive sister pic.

I love seeing all these smiles on these faces.  We don't get to see that much.

Here are all the grandkids. 23 grandkids total (We are missing Zach and Isaac.)

29 Great grandkids with the 30th coming around Thanksgiving.  It was hard to get this pic but we got it.  Not everyone is looking but all the kids are there with no parents so that is a success in itself.

Mamaw and Papaw with all their kids.

David's family

Pam's family

Paula's family

Dan's family (Nancy was a bit misty eyed because of missing Isaac)  Every time I see her tear up I tear up.  The grandkid picture was hard for her.

Andy's family

Pete's family

All of us

One thing my grandparents have taught us is that faith and family are very important.  We interviewed each of the six kids and it was cool to hear the things they said about their parents. (all of this coming later)  It was a great weekend with all of our family.