Amore is 2

Today is Amore's 2nd birthday.  She is such a funny little girl.  We all pitched in some food and had a huge (all of us girls were there with our families) party.  The rain was still hanging around so we all crammed into Sarah's new house.  For some reason I ended upstairs playing with all the little one while they played Polly Pockets.  We made the best of the time and took a few selfies. (I need all the pics I can get for the calendars.)

JJ and Amore play so well together.

Mo loves her brothers.  She loves all her siblings though.  And they all love her.  They are all so sweet with her.  You can tell that she is thriving now that she is with Sarah and Tommy.

Me and the birthday girl

Amore loves Charlie.  She acts like his older sister.  Charlie, however, doesn't like it so much.  We tried to get them to pose for a picture but this is all we got.

The birthday girl and her momma blowing out her candles.  This little lady is loved more than she knows.  It's hard to believe that she has been in our life now for 18 months.  God knew what He was doing when she came into their lives.

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