Birthday Party

Tonight was the Flink boys birthday party.  Jack's birthday is in July.  Hudson's birthday is in December (one week after Pais).  But since December is crazy they celebrate his half birthday with Jack's.  Tonight's theme was Cars (the movie).  All the kids could make their own cars.  After dinner and dessert then the kids could watch the movie Cars in their cars.

Chaney's car

Rigley's car (Tucker started out making this car then he got mad because the car wasn't big enough for him so he gave it to Rigley.)

Paislee's car

Rigley had fun playing with his buddy Keon.  Keon and his family go to our church but we never go to the same service.

All of our kids

All the kids and their cars

The Flink family while we sang to the boys

Hudson and Paislee being goofy

Now...a real picture

Jack and Rigley were carrying this tire inter tube everywhere.

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