Busy 'Fun' Friday

School starts in a about 10 days and we had a time scheduled with Jac to get everyone's hair cut for school.  She called and had things change so we went up today.  I knew we were going to cut it close because she wanted us at two o'clock and we had a fun night scheduled with the Nye's.

We got there and the kids had popsicles and were looking at an arrowhead book.

Jac's two little girls were down for a nap so they weren't around for the pic.

We left town about 4:30 and got caught in some Luke Bryan concert traffic.  We ran home to get Josh and then were off.  This week we met at Jason's parent's house.  They have a pool and let us come crash and play at their house.  The kids had a great time of playing and making slow-mo videos.  (That's always a highlight.)

All of our kids look alike (blonde hair and blue eyes) anyway but when they get wet it's even harder.

Here is Charlotte and Paislee

Chloe, Chaney & Sophie

Tucker had fun making Oliver laugh.

Charlotte with Rigley and Paislee trying to photobomb

More photobombing opportunities


All the kids (but Oliver)

Josh and I

Emily and I

Rigley made it all day without a nap.  We got home last night and he went and got on the chair and was out.  Like really out.  He was a tired little boy.

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