Ed Sheeran Concert

Tonight was our night out.  We've had this concert on the calendar since April.  We met over at Jill & Patrick's house and rode up with them.  Some of Jill's friends from work met us at the venue.  This was the first time I have been to a concert that wasn't a country concert.  We got into the venue about 8 and it was packed.  Like all the way to the fence packed.  We were literally on the back row.

Jill and I while we were waiting in line to park.

In this pic you can see how crowded it was.

Selfie fun.  We forgot our selfie stick.

Girl shot.  Girls do pictures much better than the guys do.

Picture of Ed in a Colt's jersey.  He reminds me a lot of Rick.  Ed came out at 8:30 and had no band.  It was just him and his guitar.

A pic of the girls while we waited on Ed to come out.

Us.  I love this pic.  This pic was taken at Jill and Patrick's house.  I thought it turned out really well.

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