Lake Day with Cousins

Today we had planned to head down to the lake and visit with dad and Barbara.  Rigley got up about his normal time but I had to wake everyone else up about 9:30 so we could leave about 10.  We got in the car and I could tell Rigley was still super tired.  He needed to take a nap.  About 40 minutes into the drive I see this.  I'm pretty sure that Chaney and Tucker were faking it.  Rigley was asleep.

Jaclyn and Sarah came down as well with their kiddos.  Josh stayed home so that he could get some work done.  

The kids love playing on aunt Audra's new raft.  Mo got out on there today.

Josiah found my phone and took some selfies....

Mo went for a swim with Chaney.

JJ made me laugh so hard with this picture....She's a goofball.

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