Lake Stop

This is the last week before school starts.  The weather is hot and muggy so I was trying to think of something fun to do.  We opted to head to the lake.  Jaclyn and her family are down there for a few days so we loaded up and went down for the day.  Chaney invited her friend Addie to go along.

This was Addie's first catch of the day.  This little guy got the hook almost through his eye.  The second fish she caught basically swallowed the hook and worm.  Rick was trying to get it out but ended up grabbing the fish's intestines.  The fish didn't make it very long.  Chaney caught one but in her attempt to bring it in it fell off.

These two are about the same size and are hilarious together.

These two had fun hunting fish all day.  Not fishing but trying to catch fish underwater with a net.

Paddleboat rides

We had a successful and fun day.

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