Mud Fun

We finally have gotten out the water slide.  Normally we get it out at the beginning of the summer.  With all the crazy rain and wet ground we haven't gotten it out.  Today the kids were so excited to play.

We invited the Bennett's over to play.  The kids haven't seen them much them summer so they were happy they were coming.  I had put the pools on one side for the yard and the slide on the other.  The kids decided to unhook the hose from the slide and put it on the slide to the playset.  They had so much fun going down the slide.   They ended up making their own little mud hole.  They got down and played in it.

Then they needed to clean off so all of the pools began to look like this.

Then they would go back and they began to look like this...

They had so much fun.  Liz took most of the pictures because I got to sit and hold this guy.

Rhydian is about two months old now.  (his due date was June 27 but he decided to come 6 weeks early.)  We snuggled and he slept the entire time.  I think he likes to hear all the kids yell and scream. He's the youngest of four too so he's probably pretty used to that.

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