Selfie Stick Sunday

Sunday mornings is normally me and the kids.  Josh is up and at the church early.  This morning we were all ready early so we got the selfie stick and got some pics of us.

We tried to put it up above but all the kids complained it was too bright.  Look at their faces...

Then we moved up on the porch...

Today was pretty much a lazy day.  We ran a few errands after church then came home for lunch and devices.  Josh came home then it was nap time.  After dinner I took the three big kids to Home Depot to look for paint colors for their room.  The girls had a hard time deciding.  Tucker knew what he and Rigley wanted so he took a break on the 5 gallon paint cans at Home Depot.  I would have joined him but I though Paislee and Chaney may break out in a fight arguing over what colors they wanted.

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