Snake Fun

This week our friends are on vacation so we are watching their dogs and house for the week.  Each day we go over after Tucker's basketball camp and feed and play with their dogs and walk around the house to make sure everything is ok.  Today we found something special.  As I was walking around I saw this thing.  At first I thought it was a rope.  However, as I got closer it was a snake.  I yelled for the kids to come over and they did.  When the kids came so did the dogs.  The snake raised his head and went for the dogs.  These two dogs are big German Shepherds.  As soon as the snake did that then the dogs were done with him.

Rigley wasn't interested in it.  Tucker and Chaney helped me and Paislee stood over to the side frantically screaming (yelling), "Mom, please don't touch it.  It will hurt you."  She may have been a bit hysterical.  Maybe just a little.  

I started putting a stick up to the snakes face to see if it would attack it and it did.  Tucker ran to the garage to see if we could find a shovel or hammer.  No luck.  I did find one of those grabber things that people use to pick up trash.  I smashed his head between the pinchers and was able to get him up to get a picture of him.  This snake was about 3.5'-4' feet long.  Not kidding or exaggerating.  He was heavy too.  He was about 1.5"-2" thick.  

We dropped him and he coiled all up.  We grabbed him again and went and through him in the pond.  I'm not sure if he can swim or not but I didn't really care.

We got home and did some research and found out that he is a rat snake.  They like trees and will eat eggs and small little rodents.  It was a fun and exciting day.

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