Soccer Day

This morning was an early morning.  Chaney and I left the house at 7 am to get to the soccer fields by 8 am.  This season she is playing in an academy soccer league.  We travel a little bit.

Here she is playing defense with her buddy Claire.

For the last few weeks she has been complaning of her feet hurting so we thought we would change her shoes.  She's had these shoes for a couple of seasons so we thought maybe they had run their course.  We had a few hours in between games so we went over to Dick's to get a new pair of shoes.
We took this picture to send to Josh.  I think it's safe to see we will be able to see her now because of her super bright shoes. 

One of the great things about all day soccer tournaments is that the girls get to hang around together and make memories and get to know one another.  Here is an example...

Chaney had a fun day but was exhausted by the end of the day.  You can tell this was her first game of the season.  She was pretty tentative and didn't play the way she is capable of playing.  The last game I told her I wanted her to play and hustle REALLY hard.  And she listened. The last game was by far her best game.  She even scored a goal and they won 2-0.


Paislee's week in Review

Times are changing...I can get updates on what my kids do at school via Twitter.  Paislee's teacher posts pictures on her Twitter (it's a closed account just for parents) account so we can see what the kids do each week.  Each Friday she puts up the pics with a caption.

So far, Pais has made each of the pics she has posted.

Rigley's Week

Each Friday afternoon Miss Codi sends a text with pictures of what the kids did this week.  Not all of them have Rigley in them so I only keep (or post) the ones that have him in them.

Here they are working on their sticker pages.

This is snack time.  They all sit around the table.  Just check out Amore's face, it is priceless.  Rigley loves to see his cousin a few additional days a week.

Just a short funny story...Each day at lunch Miss Codi prays for different things.  For example, one day at lunch they will pray for all the moms while they are working.  Today's prayer was for the siblings of each of the kids.  Codi asked Rigley all of the names of his brothers/sisters.  He told her and when he said Tucker's name he said, "But Tucker doesn't like me very much."  It was funny that he would say that.  Tucker shows his love by wanting to fight and wrestle but to Rigley that means he doesn't like him very  much.  Two totally different boys....


Chicken Round Up

There is a local farm around us that invites the community to help round up chickens to head to market.  We tried to make it out this summer but it never worked out.  Today we were able to make it out.  The kids were excited to go.  We invited the Bennett family to go out with us.

These poor things didn't even know what was coming...

These two are in the same class this year.  This is how we found them while we were walking to the car.

Tucker with Romie.  Tucker didn't go and grab any today.  He has no problem holding chickens but for some reason  he didn't go and grab any today.

Pais helped shew them.  She and Rigley never grabbed any chickens today.

Here are a few I caught.  You don't realize how fast chickens are until you try to catch them.

Chaney with her catch...

The kids have decided that they can't eat chicken for a while.  They think it's sad that we caught them so we can kill them.  It was a fun day.  We may have to go back.  I think total there were 11 people there to help (we brought 9 of them) and then 4 farmers.


Fantasy Football Draft

Today we met to do our annual FF draft.  We have done this league now for well over 10 years.  Couples have come and gone but there have been three core couples: Ben & Joy, Becky & Andy and Josh and I.  It's been a lot of fun.

Here is our 'normal' picture...

Here is our goofy picture...


Jason Aldean Concert

Tonight I went to the Jason Aldean concert with Jill.  A group of people from her church went.  Her husband was out of town so she asked me to be her date.  It was a perfect evening for a concert.

Here we are before the concert...

Here are all the girls...
Half way through the concert Jill got a text from a friend saying she was in the pavilion and that we could come get their tickets and take in the concert for a bit.

Here was a pic from our seats...

Here is a pic to let you know how close we were.

This concert was one of the loudest concerts I have ever been too.  I think the lawn was louder than under the pavilion.  It was nuts! 

Tylar Farr & Cole Swindell opened up for him then came back out to sing a song with him.  Cole is in the black and Tyler is the cut off t-shirt.
This is my favorite pic of the night.


Lake with Cousins

Our weekends will soon be filling up so we wanted to get down to the lake while we still can.  After I saw the forecast for today I texted my sisters and we all ended up down at the lake.  Time at the lake is always more fun with cousins.

We always get this little pool out for the little ones.  Today Rigley wanted to get in.

Then....Amore and Rigley both got in..

Josiah wanted his picture taken...

...Then someone got in front of my camera...

These two boys liked hanging out in the tube.

These guys liked sitting on Aunt Audie's paddle boards.



Today we went to one of Josh's employee's house to celebrate a few service anniversary's.  Normally his employees will have food catered in at the office.  However, he had 3 employees go in together and they grilled out steaks and chicken.  Not all the employees showed up but there were about 30 people there (employees + families).

It was a good time.  The weather was nice and the kids all enjoyed playing together.

Night with Claire

Chaney spent the night with her friend, Claire.  These two are funny together.  Anytime they are together I find about 100 pictures on our Photo Stream that looks like these...

While she was there they were working on a craft project.  They both had a letter to decorate.  Chaney had to finish hers at home this morning.