Chicken Round Up

There is a local farm around us that invites the community to help round up chickens to head to market.  We tried to make it out this summer but it never worked out.  Today we were able to make it out.  The kids were excited to go.  We invited the Bennett family to go out with us.

These poor things didn't even know what was coming...

These two are in the same class this year.  This is how we found them while we were walking to the car.

Tucker with Romie.  Tucker didn't go and grab any today.  He has no problem holding chickens but for some reason  he didn't go and grab any today.

Pais helped shew them.  She and Rigley never grabbed any chickens today.

Here are a few I caught.  You don't realize how fast chickens are until you try to catch them.

Chaney with her catch...

The kids have decided that they can't eat chicken for a while.  They think it's sad that we caught them so we can kill them.  It was a fun day.  We may have to go back.  I think total there were 11 people there to help (we brought 9 of them) and then 4 farmers.

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