First Day at Codi's

Today was a first for our family.  Today Rigley went to his first day at his 'school.'  He will go to Miss Codi's two days a week.  Some things are changing around here so he will now be going to hang out at his school.  We went to Codi's earlier in the week to meet here and see her house.  He couldn't stop talking about going back.  When Friday rolled around he was super excited.

Sarah has used Miss Codi to watch Amore and she highly recommend her.  Today I dropped him off and he couldn't tell me bye fast enough.

Codi sent these pics so we could see them.  She keeps 4-5 kids depending on the day.

This is lunch time...

Got a picture of Rigley at nap time.  She had all the kids down by 12:15.

I'm so thankful that Codi opens her home a few days a week for us moms.  She and the kids prayed for all the moms at lunch time.

Josh picked up Rigley on his way home from work.  He said he had the best day.  

Rigley: "Miss Codi is the best teacher ever.  I didn't even miss you guys today."

When he got home I did get a pretty big hug.  I think he may have missed me a little bit ;-) 

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