Jason Aldean Concert

Tonight I went to the Jason Aldean concert with Jill.  A group of people from her church went.  Her husband was out of town so she asked me to be her date.  It was a perfect evening for a concert.

Here we are before the concert...

Here are all the girls...
Half way through the concert Jill got a text from a friend saying she was in the pavilion and that we could come get their tickets and take in the concert for a bit.

Here was a pic from our seats...

Here is a pic to let you know how close we were.

This concert was one of the loudest concerts I have ever been too.  I think the lawn was louder than under the pavilion.  It was nuts! 

Tylar Farr & Cole Swindell opened up for him then came back out to sing a song with him.  Cole is in the black and Tyler is the cut off t-shirt.
This is my favorite pic of the night.

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