Rigley's Week

Each Friday afternoon Miss Codi sends a text with pictures of what the kids did this week.  Not all of them have Rigley in them so I only keep (or post) the ones that have him in them.

Here they are working on their sticker pages.

This is snack time.  They all sit around the table.  Just check out Amore's face, it is priceless.  Rigley loves to see his cousin a few additional days a week.

Just a short funny story...Each day at lunch Miss Codi prays for different things.  For example, one day at lunch they will pray for all the moms while they are working.  Today's prayer was for the siblings of each of the kids.  Codi asked Rigley all of the names of his brothers/sisters.  He told her and when he said Tucker's name he said, "But Tucker doesn't like me very much."  It was funny that he would say that.  Tucker shows his love by wanting to fight and wrestle but to Rigley that means he doesn't like him very  much.  Two totally different boys....

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